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The Plain Truth News
Dec 7, 2018 -
December 7th 1941 May we never forget the "A date which will live in INFAMY"

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The Plain Truth News
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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Balluzzo posts 2nd Mod win in SYSCO 50
Aug 3, 2009 - updated Aug 3rd, 2009 10:09am
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, VA --

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at Langley Speedway

SYSCO of Hampton Roads Night Race Report Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009

Shawn Balluzzo moved from third to first on lap 38 and rolled on to his second victory of the season in the SYSCO of Hampton Roads 50 for the B&C Seafood Modifieds, the featured event of Saturday evening’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.
Gunning for his sixth win, Chris Johnson nabbed the pole position in afternoon time trials, lapping the .395-mile oval at 83.475 mph. Michael Leech was second-quickest, just 21-thousandths of a second off Johnson’s pace. Balluzzo, Jimmy Humblet and Rusty Wood completed the top five on the 14-car grid.
On the start, Johnson immediately jumped into the lead, hauling the field off into Turn 1. Balluzzo quickly filled the opening to the inside of Leech and came away with the runner-up spot, leaving Leech to tussle with Wood for third. Wood claimed the position on lap 2.
Johnson owned a slim edge over Balluzzo in the opening circuits. He widened the margin to three lengths, though, as Wood began to hound Balluzzo for the second spot. Meanwhile, deeper in the field, Joe Scarbrough picked off Buster Horne Jr. on lap 10 to crack the top five.
With Johnson maintaining his three-length advantage, Wood continued to stalk Balluzzo, who was carefully guarding the bottom of the track. Finally, Wood went up top on lap 27 and drew alongside Balluzzo in Turn 1.
The Balluzzo/Wood duel lasted until lap 29 when Wood pulled ahead in Turns 1 and 2. The exchange allowed Johnson to pad his lead to five lengths. Within four laps, however, Wood had trimmed the deficit in half. Behind the lead trio, Scarbrough was on the move again, using the outside lane to bypass Leech for fourth on lap 31.
On lap 36, Johnson ran up on slower cars and Wood erased the remainder of his lead, pulling right up on his rear bumper.
Coming around to complete lap 38, Wood and Johnson got together off Turn 4 and Johnson’s car skittered sideways. Wood backed off to allow Johnson to make the save. The scuffle left the top side of the track wide open, though, and Balluzzo pounced on the opportunity, roaring into the lead. Wood hung onto second,while Johnson dropped to fourth, behind Scarbrough.
Four laps later, Balluzzo had fashioned a three-length edge over Wood. The field was bunched, however, when the only caution flag waved on lap 43.
Lining up for the restart, Balluzzo and Wood ran 1-2, followed by Scarbrough, while Johnson and Leech went fourth and fifth, respectively.
Returning to green, Balluzzo forged a slim margin over Wood. Heading onto the backstretch, though, Scarbrough ducked under Wood in a bid for second. Scarbrough nosed ahead at the flagstand and finally cleared Wood in Turns 3 and 4 on lap 44. While they dueled, Balluzzo pulled away by four lengths and was on his way to the win.
At the finish, Balluzzo was 0.647-second — about four lengths — ahead of Scarbrough. Wood was third to the line, while Johnson and Leech rounded out the top five.. Cameron Patrick, Humblet, Horne, Mark Wertz and Mike Rudy were sixth through 10th, in that order, all on the lead lap.
In Victory Lane after the race, Balluzzo commented on his come-from-behind triumph: “We thought we gave it away in the pits ‘cause we made a change right before the race and it was definitely the wrong direction ‘cause the car wasn’t as good as it usually is. But, these guys were racing so hard and I had a really good view of it and kinda waited for something to happen and something happened and no caution.”
Second-place Scarbrough was upbeat about his adventurous outing, pointing out, “I got wall on one side of the car. I got dirt on the other. I ran out of racetrack, so I started using walls and infield What a great race! Congratulations to Shawn.”
Third-place Wood provided a matter-of-fact assessment of his evening: “The car was real good. We tried to get up through there the best we could. When we got to Chris, we got underneath of him, I feel like he just crowded me down a little bit. Contact was there. But, congratulations to Shawn and everybody else. We did the best we could. We won’t trying to get into nobody, but I think he was trying to take a line away from us and that won’t gonna work too good, so we did all we could do.”

In the evening’s other feature races:

In the 40-lap Old Point National Bank Grand Stock race, Jammie Goode bounced back from a disappointing outing on July 18 to notch his division-leading sixth win of the year, leading all the way.
Goode started on the pole, at 77.807 mph, sharing the front row with Mark Claar, the winner of the previous event. Points leader Ricky Derrick and Robbie Parker made up Row 2 and Rodney Boyd lined up fifth.
As the race got under way, Goode beat Claar into Turn 1 to take the lead. Derrick also scooted ahead of Claar, who settled into third, just ahead of the fourth-place battle between Parker and Boyd.
On lap 2, Parker pulled ahead of Boyd for fourth. A lap later, Brandon Hinson made his way past Boyd to take over fifth. Meanwhile, at the front, Goode was up by a little more than two lengths over Derrick. Two more car-lengths separated Derrick and Claar.
The race was interrupted by two caution flags, at laps 11 and 14. The second incident knocked Hinson from the fifth spot, giving the position to Bobby Spivey.
Back under green, Goode and Derrick bolted from the pack in bumper-to-bumper formation. As they reached Turn 4, Derrick delivered a rap and propelled Goode to a two-length margin. By the halfway mark, Goode’s advantage stood at three lengths as Claar closed in on Derrick.
On lap 25, Goode headed into traffic and Derrick cut the gap to a single car-length. Once free of the slower machines, though, Goode began to ease away again.
Derrick took one more run at Goode on lap 34 as the leaders approached another slower machine. He could get no closer than a car-length, though, as Goode held on for the victory.
At the checkers, Goode was the winner by 0.367-second over Derrick. Claar was third, followed by Parker and Spivey, who fended off Billy Fisher on the white-flag lap to take fifth.

Robbie Davis started on the pole, at 74.283 mph, and sailed to his first victory of the season in a 25-lapper for the Med Express Urgent Care Super Trucks.
Points leader Tommy Nixon lined up alongside Davis on Row 1, but, as part of a continuing theme, he gave up the second spot to Brad Adams on lap 1 and dropped to third.
Davis cruised away from the field in the opening laps. By lap 4, his margin had swelled to half a straightaway. Meanwhile, Nixon was all over Adams’ bumper, looking to regain the second spot.
On lap 6, Nixon and Adams made contact in Turn 2 and Nixon’s truck shot up the track, allowing Rick Potter to nab third place. As the scuffle unfolded in his mirror, Davis extended his lead to nearly a full straightaway.
After struggling for several laps, Nixon used the high side to get the better of Potter on the 13th circuit, nosing ahead at the line and clearing him on lap 14. Now in third, Nixon quickly set off after Adams.
The only caution flag flew on lap 18 when officials spotted fluid on the track.
As the field gathered for a restart, a lapped machine separated Davis from second-place Adams. The leader took full advantage of the situation when the green flag reappeared, bolting to a six-length margin. Behind him, Nixon and Adams resumed their duel for the runner-up spot.
On lap 21, Nixon skated wide off Turn 4 and opened the door for Potter, while Adams drove away. Nixon regained control of the third position and quickly closed back in on Adams.
At the finish, Davis was the winner by a whopping 5.197 seconds over Adams, who held off Nixon for second. Potter tailed the lead trio to the stripe, in fourth, while Troy Turnage rounded out the top five.

Casey Sipe moved out front on lap 25 and showed the way to his fifth victory in the 30-lap Standard Welding Pro 6 feature.
Warren Smigo started on the pole, at 79.709 mph, and led the first 24 laps. Doug Warren shared the front row with Smigo and held down the runner-up spot in the early going. Sipe, meanwhile, started fourth, emerged from the race-opening shuffle in third and latched onto Warren’s bumper.
In the first five laps, Smigo pulled away to a four-length lead. Soon, though, Warren and Sipe began to close the gap. At the halfway mark, Smigo’s lead had dwindled to less than a car-length.
On lap 17, Sipe drove to the outside of Warren in Turns 1 and 2 in a bid for second place. The two went door-to-door for almost two laps with Sipe gaining the upper hand off Turn 4 on lap 18. After one more lap, Sipe had drawn to within a car-length of Smigo.
After shadowing the leader for about six circuits, Sipe went after Smigo for the lead on lap 25, driving under him off Turn 2 and completing the pass in Turns 3 and 4. By lap 28, Sipe had pulled away by three lengths.
Smigo took one last run at Sipe as the white flag waved, poking his front bumper to the inside of the leader in Turn 1. Smigo couldn’t keep his machine nailed to the bottom of the track, though, and Sipe gained some breathing room as Smigo drifted high in Turn 2.
At the stripe, Sipe was the winner by 0.390-second — about two lengths — over Smigo. Warren was third, followed by Carter Sipe and David Phelps.

Starting fifth, Mike Ganoe took the lead from Mike West on lap 4 and breezed to his third win of the season in the 35-lap Larry King Legal Services Enduro race.
With Ganoe out front and pulling away, Kevin Lee swiped second place from West on lap 7. Three laps later, though, the two tangled in Turn 1 and Lee spun, handing the spot right back to West and dropping a lap down to Ganoe.
The event was red-flagged on lap 25.
Back under green, Wayne Groome moved up to challenge West for the runner-up position. The two traded second place twice on lap 32.
With the white flag in sight, West spun in Turn 4, while Groome pounded the outside wall off the corner. They were both able to continue and complete the event.
At the checkers, Ganoe was the winner by nearly three-quarters of a lap. Groome was second, followed by West, the only other drivers on the lead lap. Lee was fourth and David Jordan was fifth.
• • •

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
SYSCO of Hampton Roads Night
Race Results
Saturday, Aug. 1, 2009

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (48) Shawn Balluzzo; 50
2. (30) Joe Scarbrough; 50
3. (69) Rusty Wood; 50
4. (36) Chris Johnson; 50
5. (5) Michael Leech; 50
6. (20) Cameron Patrick; 50
7. (12) Jimmy Humblet; 50
8. (6) Buster Horne Jr.; 50
9. (9) Mark Wertz; 50
10. (8) Mike Rudy; 50
11. (65) Jimmy Kibler; 49
12. (55) Greg Burgess Jr.; 48
13. (7) Steve Wagner; 47
14. (19) Kyle Wood; 42
Pole: Johnson - 83.475 mph.

GRAND STOCKS - 40 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (36) Jammie Goode; 40
2. (8) Ricky Derrick; 40
3. (3) Mark Claar; 40
4. (19) Robbie Parker; 40
5. (12) Bobby Spivey; 40
6. (28) Billy Fisher; 40
7. (9) Rodney Boyd; 40
8. (01) Chris Hott; 40
9. (99) Dalford Briley; 40
10. (81) Brandon Hinson; 40
11. (77) Carl Livingston; 40
12. (5) Jonathan White; 39
13. (88) Brandon Ray; 38
14. (4) Anthony Kincaid; 38
15. (2) Michael Waters; 38
16. (39) Nick Odell; 15
17. (7) Michael Leech; 2
Pole: Goode - 77.807 mph.

SUPER TRUCKS - 25 laps
Fin. Pos. (Truck #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (17) Robbie Davis; 25
2. (51) Brad Adams; 25
3. (8) Tommy Nixon; 25
4. (21) Rick Potter; 25
5. (90) Troy Turnage; 25
6. (29) Amanda Frye; 25
7. (1) Paul Hogge Sr.; 25
8. (52) Chris Bechtel; 25
9. (7) Lloyd Holbrook; 25
10. (14) Debbie Biesecker; 24
11. (18) Cory Millard; 24
12. (4) Tory Vaughn IV; 23
13. (15) Hugo Belfiore; 16
14. (22) Chase McAdams; 16
Pole: Davis - 74.283 mph.

PRO SIXES - 30 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (14) Casey Sipe; 30
2. (41) Warren Smigo; 30
3. (15) Doug Warren; 30
4. (23) Carter Sipe; 30
5. (54) David Phelps; 30
6. (81) Lindsay Bryant; 30
7. (6) Bobby Hall; 29
Pole: Smigo - 79.709 mph.

ENDUROS - 35 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver
1. (82) Mike Ganoe
2. (08) Wayne Groome
3. (7) Mike West
4. (35) Kevin Lee
5. (18) David Jordan
6. (11) Jeff Sweeney
7. (8) Justin Groome
8. (13) Larry Drommerhausen
9. (79) Robbie Groome
10. (46) Tony Spivey
11. (69) Ethan Ayers
Pole: Jordan - via draw.

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