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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Rogers claims wild Pro Cup win; Falk posts 3rd Late Model victory.
May 24, 2009 - updated May 24th, 2009 11:39am
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, VA --

HAMPTON VIRGINIA 250 presented by Racing Electronics for the USARacing Pro Cup Series at Langley Speedway

Race Report Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clay Rogers emerged from a mad scramble in Turn 4 on the final lap and claimed his first victory of the season in the Hampton Virginia 250 presented by Racing Electronics for the USARacing Pro Cup Series, the headlining event of Saturday evening’s program at Langley Speedway.
Caleb Holman was quickest in afternoon time trials, at 84.987 mph, to snag the Strutmasters.com Pole Award. Local standout Woody Howard, the series’ 2005 Rookie of the Year, qualified on the outside pole. J.P. Morgan and Drew Herring made up Row 2, while Rogers rounded out the top five on the 21-car grid.
As the race got under way, Howard got the jump on Holman and hauled the field into Turn 1. Before the first lap was officially recorded, however, Billy Bigley Jr. spun in Turn 2 and a complete restart was ordered.
On the second try, Howard, again, bolted ahead of Holman to take the lead, leaving Holman to battle Herring for second. Holman took the spot on lap 2 and Herring settled into third, followed by Brandon Ward and Morgan.
By lap 13, Howard had established a four-length lead over Holman, while third-place Herring had fallen nearly half a straightaway behind the leaders. Howard’s advantage grew on lap 27 when he shook free of slower traffic and pulled away by over half a straightaway.
Rogers made his way into the top five on lap 44, bypassing Morgan. Three laps later, Ward overtook Herring for the third position.
The first caution flag waved on lap 48 when Morgan went around in Turns 3 and 4. While most of the leaders headed for the pits, Allen Purkhiser stayed out and picked up the lead. Rogers was the first one off the pit lane.
The race restarted on lap 55 and only one more lap was completed before the second yellow flag flew as Tom Hessert spun and backed into the outside wall in Turn 3.
Back under green, at lap 65, Purkhiser showed the way with Derek Kale on his bumper. Kale tailed Purkhiser until lap 69 when he took the lead on the backstretch. Only three laps later, he had already pulled away by four lengths.
On lap 73, Rogers went after Herring for third, while Howard slipped by Ward and looked to snag fifth from Holman. Both Rogers and Howard accomplished their missions.
Closing quickly on the lead duo, Rogers swung to the outside of Purkhiser in Turn 4 on lap 78 and raced into second on the following circuit. The exchange allowed Kale to pad his lead to over half a straightaway. Howard also continued to march forward, taking fourth from Herring, then running down Purkhiser for third on lap 99.
At the crossed flags, Kale’s lead had shrunk to just three car-lengths over Rogers. On lap 130, Rogers used the outside lane to overtake Kale for the lead. A lap later, the third caution flag waved when Larry Barrett spun in Turn 2.
Returning to green, at lap 137, Rogers drove away, while Kale had his hands full with third-place Howard. On lap 140, Kale skated wide in Turn 2 and gave way to Howard, Herring and Ward. Rogers took advantage of the jumble and widened his lead to over half a straightaway.
Kale continued to struggle and saw his night come to a premature end on lap 145 when he spun in Turn 2 and collected Matt Lofton. Setting the lineup, Rogers and Howard ran 1-2, followed by Herring, Ward and Bobby Gill.
On the restart, Rogers easily cleared the lapped machine to his inside and set sail. Howard, however, slipped in Turn 2, while trying to dispense with that same lapped car. He quickly gathered himself and, soon, was within a few lengths of the leader. Meanwhile, Gill, the series’ all-time race winner, slipped past Ward for fourth on lap 162.
Caution #5 appeared on lap 166 when Jeff Agnew, the lone holdover from the series’ last Langley visit in 1998, looped his car in Turn 4.
Back under green, Gill went after Herring for third, but found his path blocked by Morgan’s lapped car. Looking to clear the lane, Gill delivered a rap to Morgan’s rear bumper and triggered a multi-car melee on the backstretch. Herring and Ward were among those who were swept up in the incident, which prompted the sixth caution flag. For his part in starting the fracas, Gill was directed to the rear of the field.
The race restarted on lap 182 and Howard wasted no time in going for the lead. He slipped underneath Rogers in Turn 1 and nosed ahead as they returned to the flagstand. He cleared Rogers on lap 184, but Rogers then switched lanes and came back to the inside of the new leader. Rogers regained the top spot on lap 187, clearing Howard off the fourth corner.
At the 200-lap mark, Rogers was up by three lengths over Howard. Bigley, though, had worked his way into third place and was gaining ground on the lead duo. On lap 204, Howard bobbled slightly in Turn 4 and Rogers added another length to his margin.
The seventh yellow flag waved on lap 218 for debris on the frontstretch. Gathering for a restart, Rogers, Howard, Bigley and rookie Lucas Ransone made up the top four, while Gill had crept back into the top five.
Back under way, Rogers quickly fashioned a two-length edge over Howard. Behind them, Gill slipped around Ransone for fourth, then picked off Bigley for third on lap 230. He faced a half-straightaway deficit to the lead duo, however.
On lap 235, Herring and Brett Butler scuffled along the backstretch and Butler made contact with the outside wall, slowing immediately. Eventually, he rolled to a halt on lap 240, bringing out the last of the race’s eight caution flags.
Six laps remained when the green flag reappeared. Rogers eked out a slim margin over Howard as the field hit the back straightaway. That advantage was short-lived, though, as Howard ducked under the leader on lap 246.
Rogers and Howard raced door-to-door for the lead with Gill lurking just behind, in third. Exiting Turn 4, with the white flag in sight, Rogers skittered wide, seemingly opening the door for Howard.
Rogers was credited with leading lap 249. By the time the field reached Turn 1 on lap 250, though, he was in third. Howard was out front for a brief moment, but Gill was hard-charging down low and took the lead in Turn 1.
As the leaders headed into Turn 3 for the last time, Gill’s effort was undone by what he would later report as a power steering problem. He clipped the edge of the infield and shot up the track in Turns 3 and 4.
Howard ducked to the inside of Gill in a bid for the win. At the same time, Rogers slipped underneath Howard and got a mighty run off the corner. Unbelievably, Ransone had managed to work his way under Rogers, looking to swipe a victory.
At the line, Rogers was the winner by 58-thousandths of a second — half a car-length — over Ransone. Gill was third, followed by Howard and Bigley. Purkhiser was sixth to the checkers, while Lofton, Agnew, Herring and John Gibson completed the top 10. All of the top 10 drivers finished on the lead lap.
In Victory Lane after the race, an excited Rogers talked about the finish: “That was the most awesome race I’ve ever been a part of, those last two or three laps. I had my ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about this racetrack when we got here. I thought it was a little small for these type of cars, but, man, did it put on some great racing. It opened up to two and sometimes even three grooves. Apparently, I didn’t know it, but four grooves on the last lap. Man, that was fun. I couldn’t be disappointed if I had come home second on a finish like that, other than the fact that I just got in the corner too hard and gave Woody and Bobby an opportunity. But, I kinda felt like I might get another one when we were halfway down the back straightaway. I just can’t thank those guys enough. I mean, that was good, hard racing. Nobody wrecked each other, that I know of. I thnk we all crossed the finish line and that’s what it’s all about. Guys like Earnhardt and Waltrip and Bobby Allison, they would’ve proud of that kind of finish.”
Though tuckered, Ransone was encouraged by his runner-up outing: “I almost had him, but Clay drove the wheels off that thing. Bobby Gill’s a helluva wheel man and I’m just glad to finish second. These are top-notch drivers right here.”
Even after slipping from first to third in the last corner, Gill still managed a wry smile: “Clay and Woody got to racing there and Clay went high and Woody shot off into (Turn) 1 and slid up and I got underneath him. I don’t know what happened to the backstretch there. Woody turned me sideways, I turned it to the right and the power steering or something locked up, but I was heading for the infield before I could ever get the wheel to break loose on me. And, by the time it broke loose, I’d done driven across the dirt and lost it there. I mean, they put us to the back there for a lapped car that was really in the way and I hated it for ‘em, but this car showed it could run tonight.”
The win was worth $8,000 to Rogers, while Ransone was the Raybestos Rookie of the Race. Barrett, Agnew and Purkhiser deadlocked for the Aaron’s Do The Math Hard Charger prize, each driver advancing seven positions. The race was slowed by eight cautions for 55 laps and four drivers officially traded the lead six times.

In the evening’s other feature events:

C.E. Falk took the lead on lap 53 and rolled to his third victory of the season in the Hampton Convention and Visitors Bureau 100 for the Crossroads Fuel Service Late Model Stock Cars, the track’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series featured division.
Paul DeBolt was quickest in qualifying for the event, at 87.854 mph, and bagged the pole. Falk was second-fastest and started alongside DeBolt on the front row. Row 2 was all-Edwards affair as Greg and Danny started third and fourth. Wesley Falk completed the top five.
The race got off to an inauspicious start with three caution flags in the first 14 laps. DeBolt showed the way, followed by C.E. Falk, Greg Edwards, Danny Edwards Jr. and Wesley Falk.
As the event resumed, at lap 14, DeBolt and C.E. Falk pulled away from Greg Edwards. Four laps later, Danny Edwards Jr. slipped past his brother to gain the third spot. Wesley Falk and Mark Wertz tagged along with Danny, dropping Greg out of the top five.
While DeBolt and C.E. Falk jousted for the lead, Wertz grabbed fourth place from Wesley Falk on lap 34. Greg Edwards followed Wertz’s cue and moved into fifth on the next circuit.
The fourth caution flag appeared on lap 45 when Albert Falk went on an off-track excursion in Turn 2. He endured another misadventure in Turn 2 on lap 50 to bring out Caution #5. Setting the lineup, DeBolt and C.E. Falk held down first and second, followed by Danny Edwards Jr., Wertz and Greg Edwards.
Back under green, C.E. Falk continued to pressure DeBolt, finally slipping underneath him off Turn 2 on lap 53 and taking the lead through Turns 3 and 4. Within three laps, Falk had opened a two-length gap over DeBolt, who enjoyed a similar advantage over Danny Edwards Jr.
The sixth caution flag waved on lap 66 for debris on the backstretch.
As the race resumed, Falk quickly regained his two-length lead over DeBolt. Deeper in the field, Dean Shiflett scooted around Greg Edwards to take over fifth.
On lap 68, DeBolt skittered high in Turn 3, opening the door for Danny Edwards Jr. DeBolt managed to hang onto the spot, but the brief tussle allowed Falk to pad his lead to half a straightaway.
By lap 79, Falk’s margin had grown to a full straightaway. Behind him, Greg Edwards sought to regain fifth from Shiflett, taking the position on lap 85.
The seventh caution flag was unfurled on lap 87 for debris.
On the ensuing restart, Falk failed to come up to speed immediately and DeBolt took a look to the high side. Falk quickly got himself going, but, at the back of the pack, Duane Shreeves spun in Turn 1 to bring out the eighth yellow flag.
Returning to green, Falk leaped out to a two-length advantage and began to rocket away. By lap 92, he had put half a straightaway between himself and DeBolt.
The final caution flag flew on lap 95 when Jordan and Matt Waltz tangled and spun in Turn 2.
Under green for the last time, Falk easily outdistanced DeBolt and won by 1.253 seconds — about five lengths. Danny Edwards Jr. tailed Falk and DeBolt to the line, in third. Wertz and Greg Edwards rounded out the top five.
Dean Shiflett was sixth in the final rundown, while Wesley Falk, Woody Howard, Jeff Shiflett and John Staton completed the top 10. Wood was 11th and Waltz was 12th, the last two drivers to finish the entire distance.
In the winner’s circle following the event, Falk was thrilled with his performance: “Man, this car, after lap 55, she took off like a rocketship. It drove just like those two other races we won. It just took a little longer, that’s all.”
Asked about the lap 87 restart that went awry, Falk shouldered the blame, in no uncertain terms: “It (the car) didn’t break down on me. My mind broke down on me. Had a big ol’ brain fart. The 34 (DeBolt) was a good car tonight and he was giving me a lot of pressure and I thought I was gonna get him, but I ended up hurting myself. Lucky enough that caution came out and I don’t know if I caused it, but sorry for whoever that happened to, but it happens.”

Jammie Goode started on the pole and led all 40, caution-free laps to post his second win in a late afternoon feature for the Old Point National Bank Grand Stocks.
Ricky Derrick shared the front row with Goode, but gave way to Paul Lubno in the early going. That exchange allowed Goode to build a five-length advantage, only three laps into the event.
Goode’s margin remained fairly constant over the first half of the race. Passing the halfway mark, though, Lubno began to narrow the gap.
Goode was clinging to a two-length edge when the leaders ran up on a trio of slower machines on lap 33. Suddenly, Goode, Lubno and Derrick were nose-to-tail.
Goode quickly broke free of the logjam, however, and darted away from Lubno and Derrick, who were beginning to scuffle with each other for second place.
On lap 38, Derrick slipped to the inside of Lubno at the entrance to Turn 1 and completed the pass for second off the fourth turn.
At the checkers, Goode was the winner by 1.134 seconds — about five lengths — over Derrick. Lubno was third to the line, while Robbie Parker and Anthony Kincaid were fourth and fifth, respectively.
• • •

HAMPTON VIRGINIA 250 presented by Racing Electronics for the USARacing Pro Cup Series at Langley Speedway

Hampton, VA

Race Results Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.

1. (54s) Clay Rogers; 250
2. (00s) Lucas Ransone; 250
3. (06s) Bobby Gill; 250
4. (55n) Woody Howard; 250
5. (28s) Billy Bigley Jr.; 250
6. (68n) Allen Purkhiser; 250
7. (65n) Matt Lofton; 250
8. (73n) Jeff Agnew; 250
9. (22s) Drew Herring; 250
10. (13s) John Gibson; 250
11. (75s) Caleb Holman; 248
12. (04s) Larry Barrett; 246
13. (1n) Brett Butler; 237
14. (75n) Ronnie Souders; 205
15. (56s) Brandon Ward; 172
16. (23s) J.P. Morgan; 170
17. (22n) Derek Kale; 146
18. (6n) Danny Abold; 59
19. (1s) Tom Hessert; 55
20. (7n) Mike Hennessy; 22
21. (28n) Wally Smith; 10
Pole: Holman - 84.987 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.

1. (40) C.E. Falk; 100
2. (34) Paul DeBolt; 100
3. (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 100
4. (55) Mark Wertz; 100
5. (27) Greg Edwards; 100
6. (06) Dean Shiflett; 100
7. (41) Wesley Falk; 100
8. (21) Woody Howard; 100
9. (01) Jeff Shiflett; 100
10. (17) John Staton; 100
11. (02) Jordan Wood; 100
12. (4) Matt Waltz; 100
13. (1) Kyle Waltz; 99
14. (38) Duane Shreeves; 86
15. (51) Albert Falk; 51
16. (48) Shawn Balluzzo; 49
17. (97) Matt Midgett; 13
18. (88) Mitch Sarvis; 13
Pole: DeBolt - 87.854 mph.

GRAND STOCKS - 40 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.

1. (36) Jammie Goode; 40
2. (8) Ricky Derrick; 40
3. (14) Paul Lubno; 40
4. (19) Robbie Parker; 40
5. (4) Anthony Kincaid; 40
6. (28) Billy Fisher; 40
7. (12) Bobby Spivey; 40
8. (90) Henry Barnes; 40
9. (01) Chris Hott; 39
10. (23) Bobby Ferebee; 39
11. (2) Brian Waters; 38
12. (88) Brandon Ray; 36
13. (77) Carl Livingston; 35
14. (39) Nick Odell; 12
Pole: Goode - 78.794 mph.

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