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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Greg Edwards posts 4th Late Model win in Hampton Chevy/Daily Press 100
Jul 29, 2007 - updated Jul 29th, 2007 11:38am
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, VA --

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at Langley Speedway

Law Enforcement Night presented by Hampton Chevrolet & the Daily Press Saturday, July 28, 2007

Greg Edwards moved out front for good on lap 81 and rolled to his fourth win of the season in the Hampton Chevrolet/Daily Press 100 for the Crossroads Fuel Service Late Models, the main event of Saturday evening’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway, which featured a salute to area law enforcement agencies.
A late-afternoon shower washed out qualifying, so the lineup was determined by points, putting Danny Edwards on the pole. Mark Wertz was second in the standings, but, as the winner of the previous two races, he had to start eighth. Shawn Balluzzo shared the front row with Danny Edwards. Brothers Jeff and Dean Shiflett made up Row 2, while Greg Edwards and Craig Eastep were in Row 3.
As the race got under way, Danny Edwards immediately jumped ahead of Balluzzo to grab the lead. Balluzzo settled into second, followed by Jeff Shiflett. Greg Edwards moved up to fourth, while Dean Shiflett and Wertz completed the top six.
The running order at the front remained the same until lap 19 when Wertz slipped by Dean Shiflett for fifth. On the next circuit, Balluzzo drifted wide in Turn 4 and gave way to Jeff Shiflett and Greg Edwards.

Within five laps, Jeff Shiflett had tracked down Danny Edwards. On lap 26, Shiflett pushed his Chevy to the front for the first time all season, scooting by Edwards in Turns 1 and 2. Greg Edwards followed Shiflett’s cue and moved into second on the next lap, booting his brother back to third.
Deeper in the field, Wertz bypassed Balluzzo on lap 25 for fourth. He continued his climb to the front on lap 34, overhauling Danny Edwards to gain third.
Greg Edwards took the lead for the first time on lap 36. He ducked to the inside of Jeff Shiflett in Turns 1 and 2 and completed the pass at the end of the backstretch. Within a handful of laps, Edwards had opened a half-straightaway margin as Wertz moved up to challenge Shiflett for second. After several tries, Wertz finally wrested the runner-up spot from Shiflett on lap 47.
Meanwhile, Nick Smith, who was so impressive in the July 21 feature, was busy slicing his way through the field. He started 13th, moved into the top 10 on lap 2 and cracked the top five on lap 43. On lap 49, he advanced one more position, picking off Danny Edwards for fourth. For much of the race, according to the electronic timing system, he was the fastest car on the track.
The first caution flag appeared on lap 62 when Kim Forrester spun in Turn 4. Setting the lineup, Greg Edwards was out front, followed by Wertz, Jeff Shiflett, Smith and Balluzzo.
Back under green, Greg Edwards quickly fashioned a two-length advantage over Wertz. Wertz, however, gobbled up the lost ground and joined Edwards in a two-car breakaway. By lap 70, they were up by almost half a straightaway over third-place Jeff Shiflett.
Wertz was content to follow in Greg Edwards’ tire tracks until lap 74 when he grabbed the lead through Turns 3 and 4. Edwards settled in on Wertz’s bumper and shadowed the new leader until lap 80 when he drove alongside Wertz off Turn 4, finishing off the pass at the other end of the track at the beginning of lap 81. Within two circuits, he had driven away by three lengths.
The second yellow flag appeared on lap 84 when Forrester spun in Turn 2.
On the ensuing restart, third-place Jeff Shiflett failed to come up to speed and the rest of the field streamed past. He finally ground to a halt in Turn 3, prompting the third, and final, caution flag. After a visit to the pits to address some left-rear tire issues, he rejoined the rear of the field.
Under green for the dash to the finish, Greg Edwards opened a two-length lead over Wertz. By lap 88, the gap had grown to five lengths and Edwards was well on his way to the win.
At the stripe, Greg Edwards was the winner by 0.867-second — about four lengths — over Wertz. Smith was third to the line, followed by Danny Edwards and Balluzzo.
Paul DeBolt was sixth, while Dean Shiflett was seventh, the final driver on the lead lap. Jeff Shiflett, Ross Clements and Ron Blackburn rounded out the top 10, all one lap in arrears.
In Victory Lane after the event, Greg Edwards commented on various aspects of the race: “We had a pretty run of green there. I was kinda happy to see that. We haven’t had that here, seems like, forever. It was a great run. I seen ol’ Jeff Shiflett up there. He had a great run going, took over the lead. I was happy to see that. Then, Mark came all the way up there and got the air off of me. I let him go early and I figured I’d get right on his bumper and do the same thing, so I rode behind him and got him loose. Once I got enough distance on him, it wouldn’t disturb the air behind the car, I was able to pull away. But, I was awful glad we didn’t have a caution right there with about eight or 10 to go. He’d have been really tough.”
Runner-up Wertz was a bit tuckered after his outing: “It was a workout tonight. Had to start eighth. I tell ya’, these tires are pushing a hundred laps. The outside edge of my right rear tire’s completely come off the case, so, soon as I cleared Greg, it was all I could do to hang on. We’ve got a good race car. It’s gonna be something to contend with. Good run to everybody. Good, clean race.”
Third-place Smith noted his late-race battle with Jeff Shiflett: “I seen Shiflett had a tire going down. Once I seen that, I knew that my only chance really, without wrecking us, was just to go on the outside ‘cause I knew he won’t gonna get no grip. But, coming from 13th like that, we were on a good run there for a while before the first caution came out. The car was hooked up. I was just on cruise control. I was fast, smooth and everything. Once the tires cooled down and the brakes cooled down, it just wasn’t good on restarts, but she was great on long runs. I think I would’ve had a little better shot at it if we would’ve went green the whole way.”

In the evening’s other feature events:

Paul Lubno started on the pole and wired the field to notch his second win of the year in the 40-lap Dunkum’s Machine Shop/Super 8 Motels Grand Stock race.
Danny Harrell started alongside Lubno, on the outside of Row 1, and remained on the pole-sitter’s flank until they reached Turn 4 for the first time. At that point, Lubno gained the upper hand.
The event got off to a rocky start with four caution flags in the first eight laps, prompting officials to begin scoring the caution laps. That fourth yellow flag was especially costly to Harrell, who brought it out with a spin in Turn 2 and tumbled all the way from second to 19th.
With Harrell relegated to the back of the pack, Lubno faced new challengers in the form of Brandon Hinson and Ricky Derrick.
For the next 26 laps, which included the fifth caution period, Hinson never fell more than a couple car-lengths behind the leader.
On lap 35, Hinson launched a bid for the lead, driving under Lubno in Turn 2. Coming back to the start/finish line, Lubno was ahead by inches, but Hinson nosed out front on the next lap.
Before lap 36 was in the books, however, the sixth, and final, caution flag waved. Scoring reverted to lap 35 and Lubno was placed back at the head of the field.
On the last restart, Lubno quickly manufactured a two-length advantage over Hinson. Over the remaining circuits, Hinson was able to close the gap some, but he eventually came up a car-length short at the line as Lubno won by 0.200-second. Derrick was third, followed by Chris Roberts and Bobby Ferebee.

In a prelude to his Late Model outing later in the evening, Nick Smith scored his second victory in the 25-lap Peninsula Hardwood Mulch INEX Legends race, taking the lead on lap 14.
Jeremy Cook, the division points leader, started on the pole and led the first two laps before giving way to Don McLaughlin on lap 3. Two laps later, Ryan Crites and Smith bypassed Cook, dropping him to fourth place.
Crites gained the top spot on lap 11, scooting past McLaughlin off Turn 2 and bringing Smith along with him. At the halfway mark, Crites and Smith were bumper-to-bumper.
On lap 14, Smith worked his way to the inside of Crites and nosed ahead at the flagstand to lead the lap. He cleared Crites on the next lap and left an opening for McLaughlin, who moved into second.
McLaughlin took a couple shots at regaining the lead, on laps 16 and 17, but Smith was able to hold him off.
On lap 22, McLaughlin’s car skated loose in Turn 1. Smith doubled his lead from one to two lengths, while third-place Crites closed in.
McLaughlin gave up the second spot on lap 23 as Crites slipped by, bringing Cook with him. The exchange allowed Smith to pad his lead to five car-lengths.
At the finish, Smith was the winner by 0.438-second — about four lengths — over Crites. Cook was third, followed by McLaughlin and Rette Causey.

Kevin Alves started on the pole, by virtue of his points lead, and cruised to his seventh win of the season in a 25-lap contest for the E-Z Auto Rental UCARs.
Matt Hockaday shared the front row with Alves and held down the second spot until lap 8 when he suddenly dropped off the pace. Hockaday eventually got his machine back up to speed, but not before falling to 10th place, more than a straightaway behind the leader.
The race was interrupted by its first caution flag on lap 13, allowing the second- and third-place runners, Dusty Connor and Randy Sample, to close in on Alves’ bumper.
Back under green, Alves gradually began to ease away from his pursuers. In traffic at lap 22, he pulled off a gutsy move, going three-wide in Turn 1 to dispense with a pair of lapped cars.
Coming around to complete lap 24, Alves was greeted, not by the white flag, but by the second caution flag. Gathering for a two-lap sprint to the finish, Alves, Connor and Randy Sample were separated from fourth-place Jamie Sample by two lapped machines.
Under green for the final time, Connor rode Alves’ bumper all the way to Turn 2. Off the second corner, Alves managed to secure a little breathing room. It was all the edge he would need as he held on to win by 0.330-second — just over a car-length. Conner was second, while Randy and Jamie Sample were third and fourth. Randy Prillaman was fifth to the stripe.

D.J. Watson grabbed the lead from Casey Sipe on the 23rd circuit and held on to win a 25-lapper for the Pro 6 Series.
Sipe was the pole-sitter for the race, qualifying at 82.244 mph. The Pro Sixers were the only division to complete their time trials before the afternoon rains arrived. Matt Settlage was second-fastest, while Watson lined up third on the starting grid.
As the race got under way, Settlage failed to come up to speed immediately and gave up the second spot to Watson, while Sipe shot into the lead. Settlage fell in line in third. By lap 4, the front two were already up by almost half a straightaway.
The lead duo continued to extend their margin over the rest of the field. As the crossed flags were shown to mark the halfway point, Sipe and Watson enjoyed a full-straightaway advantage.
The only caution flag flew on lap 15 for debris on the backstretch.
On the restart, Sipe bolted to a three-length lead. Behind him, Tim Layne swiped the third spot from Warren Smigo and began to close on Watson.
With Layne in tow, Watson zeroed in on Sipe on lap 23, ducking under the leader at the entrance to Turn 1 and taking the top spot off the second corner. Layne came along with Watson, kicking Sipe back to third.
At the finish, Watson was the winner by one car-length over Layne. Sipe, who led laps 1-22, was third, while Smigo, Matt Settlage and Josh Settlage completed the field.
The Pro 6 Series will make its final Langley appearance of ‘07 next Saturday night.
• • •

Law Enforcement Night presented by Hampton Chevrolet and the Daily Press Race Results Saturday, July 28, 2007

LATE MODELS - 100 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (27) Greg Edwards; 100
2. (40) Mark Wertz; 100
3. (47) Nick Smith; 100
4. (26) Danny Edwards; 100
5. (48) Shawn Balluzzo; 100
6. (34) Paul DeBolt; 100
7. (06) Dean Shiflett; 100
8. (01) Jeff Shiflett; 99
9. (12) Ross Clements; 99
10. (71) Ron Blackburn; 99
11. (11) Kevin Morgan; 86
12. (38) Kim Forrester; 69
13. (29) Casey Wyatt; 52
14. (2) Craig Eastep; 30
15. (72) David Butler; 15
16. (08) Douglas Crigger; 14
Pole: Danny Edwards - via points.

GRAND STOCKS - 40 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (14) Paul Lubno; 40
2. (81) Brandon Hinson; 40
3. (8) Ricky Derrick; 40
4. (11) Chris Roberts; 40
5. (23) Bobby Ferebee; 40
6. (4) Matthew Waltz; 40
7. (27) Bernie Fairchild; 40
8. (77) Carl Livingston; 40
9. (5) Robert Ellis; 40
10. (33) Hank Karwoski; 40
11. (29) Jack Robinson; 40
12. (2) Brian Waters; 40
13. (69) Connie Stanley; 40
14. (84) Brandon Carteret; 40
15. (95) Danny Harrell; 38
16. (12) Todd VanGuilder; 38
17. (24) Gene Smith; 35
18. (43) David Gray; 20
19. (19) Robbie Parker; 11
20. (92) Jason Leftwich; 3
21. (1) Jimmy Adkins; 3
22. (37) Rich Nichols; 1
Pole: Paul Lubno - via points.

INEX LEGENDS - 25 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (12) Nick Smith; 25
2. (00) Ryan Crites; 25
3. (27) Jeremy Cook; 25
4. (21) Don McLaughlin; 25
5. (33) Rette Causey; 25
6. (8) Jamie Price; 25
7. (9) Steve Causey; 25
8. (0) Steve Keesee; 25
9. (22) Brian May; 25
10. (30) Joe Hendricks; 25
11. (23) Casey Wyatt; 25
12. (16) Chris Peterson; 25
13. (36) Kenny Tellez; 25
14. (25) Dale Blankenship; 1
Pole: Jeremy Cook - via points.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (84) Kevin Alves; 25
2. (14) Dusty Connor; 25
3. (15) Randy Sample; 25
4. (28) Jamie Sample; 25
5. (26) Randy Prillaman; 25
6. (69) Chris Hildebrand; 25
7. (43) Robert Rusinyak; 25
8. (01) Renno Marchetti IV; 25
9. (25) Robbie Salas; 25
10. (29) Matt Bond; 25
11. (11) Jason Aukland; 25
12. (77) Andy Graham; 25
13. (27) Joe Reynolds; 25
14. (52) Chris Bechtel; 24
15. (68) Matt Hockaday; 24
16. (64) Sara Langley; 24
17. (22) Donald Reynolds III; 24
18. (71) Theresa Butler; 24
19. (6) Wayne Lyon; 23
20. (2) Michael Waters; 23
21. (13) Kristen Craner; 23
22. (40) Craig LeBlanc; 22
23. (89) Allen Dail; 12
24. (16) Ryan Leland; 11
Pole: Kevin Alves - via points.

PRO 6 SERIES - 25 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (8) D.J. Watson; 25
2. (22) Tim Layne; 25
3. (23) Casey Sipe; 25
4. (41) Warren Smigo; 25
5. (7) Matt Settlage; 25
6. (9) Josh Settlage; 25
Pole: Casey Sipe - 82.244 mph.

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