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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Alves scores pole-to-checkers win in RaceCom of Virginia UCAR Nationals
Oct 15, 2006 - updated Oct 15th, 2006 7:57am
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, VA --

RaceCom of Virginia UCAR Nationals at Langley Speedway Race Recap

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006

Kevin Alves started on the pole and led all 50 laps to post the feature win in Saturday evening's Inaugural RaceCom of Virginia UCAR Nationals at Langley Speedway.
Alves paced the late afternoon qualifying session, touring the .395-mile oval at 71.043 mph. That effort bettered Jeramie Wood's division qualifying standard of 70.669 mph, which was set in August of 2003. Randy Prillaman, the second-fastest qualifier, was also in record territory, at 70.930 mph.
According to officials, Wood will continue to hold the record since rules for Saturday's event were relaxed to accommodate visiting cars.
Rounding out the top five on the starting grid were Robert Rusinyak, Glenn Healy Jr. and Brandon Comer.
As the race got under way, Prillaman, Langley's '06 UCAR champ, nosed ahead of Alves. In Turns 1 and 2 for the first time, though, Alves drew even with Prillaman and edged out front on the backstretch. When the field returned to the start/finish line to complete lap 1, Alves was up by less than half a car-length.
Working off Turn 2 on the second circuit, Alves cleared Prillaman's machine and set sail, leaving the door open for Rusinyak, Healy, Comer and Matt Hockaday. Prillaman fell to sixth before he could slip into line.
Comer, who competed in events at Motor Mile Speedway and Shenandoah Speedway this season, adapted quickly to Langley's low-banked confines, scooting by Healy in the early going to move into third place.
By lap 10, Alves' advantage had grown to nearly half a straightaway over Rusinyak, who had a mirror-full of Comer.
On lap 13, Comer ducked under Rusinyak at the end of the backstretch and completed the pass for second place off the fourth corner. A lap later, Rusinyak regained the spot. Their tussle allowed Healy to re-enter the picture and he snagged third place from Comer on lap 19.
Prillaman, who had slipped all the way to seventh, began his march back toward the front on lap 21. Tailing sixth-place Donald Reynolds III, he tagged along as Reynolds bypassed Matt Hockaday for fifth. On the next circuit, Prillaman edged ahead of Reynolds to move back into the top five.
At the halfway mark, Alves enjoyed a full-straightaway advantage over Rusinyak, Healy and Comer, who were running nose-to-tail in traffic.
The race's only caution flag appeared on lap 30 when debris was spotted on the backstretch. As the field bunched for the restart, Alves, Rusinyak, Healy, Comer and Prillaman held the top five positions.
Back under green, Rusinyak powered to the outside of Alves in a bid for the lead. Alves fended him off and Healy stepped up to fill the void to the inside of Rusinyak, taking over second place on the backstretch.
On lap 31, Rusinyak slipped back around Healy to regain the runner-up spot. While Rusinyak and Healy battled, Alves steadily pulled away, extending his lead to five lengths.
Comer and Prillaman were on the move on lap 34, double-teaming Healy to take over the third and fourth positions, respectively. Prillaman motored past Comer on lap 37 to grab the third spot.
Heading into the final 10 laps, Alves was up by half a straightaway over Rusinyak, but facing heavy traffic ahead.
On lap 44, Rusinyak drifted wide off Turn 2 and appeared to scrub the wall. He kept his car pointed straight, though, and continued his pursuit of the leader. Prillaman, meanwhile, was closing in.
On lap 46, Prillaman scooted around Rusinyak in traffic to take the second spot. Rusinyak returned the favor on the following circuit, though, emerging from a three-wide joust with Prillaman and the lapped machine of Old Dominion Speedway regular Steve Purks in Turn 3.
The runner-up position changed hands for the last time on lap 48 with Prillaman getting the better of Rusinyak. Alves, meanwhile, enjoyed a half-straightaway lead, but was trapped amidst several slower cars.
With Prillaman growing larger in his mirror, Alves held on to secure the win. His margin of victory was three car-lengths. Rusinyak followed Alves and Prillaman to the stripe, in third. Healy and Comer completed the top five.
Reynolds was sixth in the final rundown, while Josh Dahl (from Spanish Fork, Utah), Hockaday, Scott Prillaman and Joe Reynolds rounded out the top 10. Buck Munger and Robbie Salas were 11th and 12th, in that order, the final drivers to complete the entire distance.
While his wire-to-wire run may have seemed fairly carefree to the casual observer, Alves told a different story in his Victory Lane comments: "Man, that was crazy, going through lapped traffic. That scared me the most. That and that restart 'cause the automatic just don't get going on them restarts. I was real worried about the 43 (Rusinyak) getting me on the outside. But, other than that, the car was awesome. Same way it sits from the last race, other than we bolted on a different kind of tire and she was awesome."
• • •
MEDIA CONTACT: Gary Daughtrey
Home: (757) 657-6741
Track: (757) 865-7223
E-mail: daughtrey@langley-speedway.com
RaceCom of Virginia UCAR Nationals
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Race Results
Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006

Fin. Pos., (St. Pos.), Driver & Car #, Laps Compl.
1. (1) Kevin Alves #84, 50
2. (2) Randy Prillaman #26, 50
3. (3) Robert Rusinyak #43, 50
4. (4) Glenn Healy Jr. #4, 50
5. (5) Brandon Comer #1, 50
6. (6) Donald Reynolds III #22, 50
7. (10) Josh Dahl #12, 50
8. (7) Matt Hockaday #68, 50
9. (8) Scott Prillaman #2, 50
10. (9) Joe Reynolds #27, 50
11. (13) Buck Munger #7, 50
12. (11) Robbie Salas #25, 50
13. (12) Pat Ritchie #40, 49
14. (15) Mike Walters #20, 49
15. (17) Scotty Gore #00, 48
16. (19) Steve Purks #0, 48
17. (16) Kevin Wilson #47, 48
18. (18) Chris Shorter #89, 48
19. (22) Rich Marouse #19, 48
20. (21) Kevin Hall #07, 48
21. (24) Justin Brown #52, 47
22. (20) Jerry Hollandsworth #01, 44
23. (14) Don Shumate #8, 28
24. (25) Dave Lohr #17, 23
25. (23) Ben Weldon #33, 1

RaceCom of Virginia UCAR Nationals at Langley Speedway

Starting Lineup Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006

Hampton, VA

St. Pos, Driver, Speed (mph)

1. Kevin Alves - 71.043
2. Randy Prillaman - 70.930
3. Robert Rusinyak - 70.567
4. Glenn Healy Jr. - 70.490
5. Brandon Comer - 70.018
6. Don Reynolds III - 69.884
7. Matt Hockaday - 69.685
8. Scott Prillaman - 69.434
9. Joe Reynolds - 69.234
10. Josh Dahl - 69.190
11. Robbie Salas - 68.795
12. Pat Ritchie - 68.792
13. Buck Munger - 68.146
14. Don Shumate - 67.889
15. Mike Walters - 67.650
16. Kevin Wilson - 67.608
17. Scotty Gore - 67.528
18. Chris Shorter - 67.413
19. Steve Purks - 67.298
20. Jerry Hollandsworth - 66.959
21. Kevin Hall - 66.946
22. Rich Marouse - 66.167
23. Ben Weldon - 65.518
24. Justin Brown - 63.279

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