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Kevin Harvick and KHI Management Double Down on Stafford SK Modified® Bonus

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Chuck Harrison Looking for the Next Level in Stafford’s Street Stocks

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Could deafness be reversed? Scientists re-grow damaged hair cells

The Plain Truth News
Mar 13, 2019 -
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Mar 10, 2019 -
On 25th anniversary, Kyle Petty Charity Ride will be longest yet

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Mar 10, 2019 -
Justin Crider 2019 Plans

Driver & Team Press Releases News
Mar 10, 2019 -
Dale Jr. and Jeffrey Earnhardt talk about the pressure of the family legacy

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Mar 10, 2019 -
Today in The Plain Truth

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Mar 10, 2019 -

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Pit road brawl: NASCAR drivers Daniel Suarez and Michael McDowell

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Mar 6, 2019 -
She's Just 17, But She's A Phenom On NASCAR's Fast Track

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Mar 5, 2019 -
Exclusive: Angel Dad Asks Why Nancy Pelosi Hasn’t Torn Down Border Wall if It’s ‘Immoral’

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Mar 4, 2019 -

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Mar 3, 2019 -
Danny Hamlin Short Track Showdown at Langley Speedway canceled for 2019

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Mar 3, 2019 -
Inaugural Visit Hampton VA Grass Roots 200 Set To Run April 11

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Racing driver, 21, is accused of threatening girlfriend with a knife

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Feb 26, 2019 - Randy Hallman

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Joe Gibbs Racing brings Daytona 500 trophy to Steak 'n Shake after Denny Hamlin's win

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Feb 18, 2019 -
NASCAR driver Paul Menard triggers huge fiery crash involving 18 cars

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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Greg Edwards claims 7th win, '15 title
Sep 21, 2015 - updated Sep 21st, 2015 8:29pm
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, va. --

(Sept. 19) — Greg Edwards started on the pole and led all the way to capture his seventh victory in the Subway 125, the final race of the year for the ComServe/Verizon Wireless Late Model Stock Cars and the featured event of Saturday evening’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.
  With the win, Edwards erased a 10-point deficit in the division standings and edged out his older brother, Danny Edwards Jr., for the 2015 Late Model championship — his fifth at the venerable Hampton speedplant.
  Greg Edwards nabbed the pole in late afternoon qualifying, clocking in at 88.931 mph. Danny Edwards Jr. was second-fastest, just 61-thousandths of a second off Greg’s pace, and lined up on the outside of the front row. Connor Hall, Nick Smith and Justin T. Carroll were third, fourth and fifth, in that order, on the 19-car grid.
  On the start, Greg Edwards motored ahead of his brother as they navigated Turns 1 and 2 for the first time. As Edwards pulled ahead, Hall rushed to fill the opening to the inside of Danny Edwards Jr. Returning to the flagstand, Edwards Jr. nosed ahead of Hall for second, finally clearing him at the end of the backstretch on lap 2. Hall settled into third, followed by Smith and Carroll.
  Mark Wertz, who started seventh, began to rumble on lap 3, slipping undernearth Carroll. He nosed into fifth place on lap 4 and gained the clear-cut advantage on lap 5. On the eighth circuit, he went after Smith for the fourth spot, grabbing the position at the end of the backstretch a lap later.
  At the head of the field, Greg Edwards enjoyed a three-length lead over Danny Edwards Jr., who had a mirror-full of Hall.
  Before the second-place tussle could develop further, however, the first caution flag flew when Macy Causey looped her machine in Turn 2 on lap 13. For the ensuing restart, Wertz opted for the outside lane, pulling alongside Greg Edwards. He was joined up top by Smith, Tyler Hughes, Brenden “Butterbean” Queen and Justin S. Carroll.
  Back under green, to begin lap 18, Edwards powered ahead of Wertz through Turns 1 and 2 and left the door open for Edwards Jr., who cleared Wertz off Turn 4. The brief scramble allowed Greg Edwards to get away by four car-lengths.
  The second caution flag waved on lap 22 when Cody Carlton ground to a halt along the backstretch. Bunching for a restart, Wertz, again, chose the outside groove. Smith, Hughes and Queen followed suit, along with Madeline Crane, making her Langley debut.
  As the race resumed, at lap 27, Wertz stayed on Edwards’ outside flank until they reached Turn 2. Heading onto the backstretch, Edwards claimed the edge, while Edwards Jr. moved up to challenge Wertz for second. Edwards Jr. got the better of Wertz off Turn 4 on lap 28 and set off after the leader, who had fashioned a five-length margin.
  The third yellow flag flew on lap 34 when Justin S. Carroll pounded the outside wall off Turn 4. He scrubbed the barricade all the way around to the backstretch before coming to rest. For the next restart, Wertz, Justin T. Carroll, Hughes, Crane and Causey picked the outside lane.
  The first extended green-flag run got under way on lap 43. Edwards dispensed with Wertz in Turn 2. Edwards Jr. advanced to fill the inside lane and regained second off Turn 4. Wertz wasn’t through, though. He changed lanes and drove underneath Edwards Jr. on lap 45, launching a spirited battle for the runner-up spot.
  While Greg Edwards stretched his lead to better than half a straightaway, Wertz and Danny Edwards Jr. remained side-by-side as Hall enjoyed a front-row seat. The second-place joust came to an end on lap 52 when Wertz slipped past, bringing Hall with him, to third.
  At the halfway mark, Edwards still enjoyed a commanding advantage over Wertz, who had pulled away from Hall and Edwards Jr. By lap 75, Edwards’ lead had swelled to almost a full straightaway. Meanwhile, Edwards Jr. slipped past Hall to retake third.
  While Edwards Jr. dealt with a bit of slower traffic on lap 86, Hall closed back in on his rear bumper. He initiated a bid for third on lap 87 and snagged the spot a lap later.
  The fourth caution flag appeared on lap 91 when Causey and Casey Wyatt tangled in Turn 2 and Causey spun, just ahead of the oncoming Edwards. The leader easily avoided the fracas as the field slowed. For the restart, second-place Wertz remained in line on Edwards’ bumper, while Hall, Hughes, Queen and Michael Hardin headed to the top side.
  Back under green, to begin lap 98, Edwards quickly cleared Hall, leaving him to tussle with Wertz for second. Wertz took the position off Turn 4, but Hall battled back to his inside on the next circuit and grabbed the runner-up spot on lap 100.
  Deeper in the pack, fourth-place Danny Edwards Jr. was under attack, giving way to Smith on lap 102. Terry Carroll and Hughes tagged along with Smith, dropping Edwards Jr. to seventh. Needing to finish 10th or better to win the championship, Edwards Jr. settled into an area of relative calm, a few lengths behind Smith, Carroll and Hughes and well ahead of an eighth-place scrap between Wyatt and Queen. For Edwards Jr., though, trouble was brewing in the form of a slackening right-front tire.
  Working lap 120, Greg Edwards found himself in traffic and Hall began to chop into the lead, closing the gap to less than half a straightaway. Behind them, Carroll scooted past Smith on lap 121 to take over third.
  Two laps from the scheduled finish, the championship duel got turned on its head when Danny Edwards Jr.’s right-front tire finally gave way and he slammed the frontstretch wall off Turn 4. With a shower of sparks spraying from beneath his machine, he headed to the pits for service. His crew returned him to the fray, but he was 13th, a lap down, and facing a “green-white-checkered” sprint to the finish as the event moved into “overtime.”
  Lining up for the restart, Wertz, Smith, Queen, Hardin, Cameron Bowen and Causey went to the outside lane..
  Under green, to start lap 128, Greg Edwards powered ahead of Wertz on the backstretch, while the rest of the pack scuffled for position in their wake.
  The last of the race’s six yellow flags was unfurled as lap 129 began when Hardin got shuffled out of line and into the Turn 1 wall. During the caution period, Hardin took off after Hughes and Justin T. Carroll, making heavy contact with both of their machines before retiring to his pit stall. Hughes was also chased to the sidelines with steam spouting from a damaged radiator.
  With Hughes and Hardin out of the event, Danny Edwards Jr. was up to 11th as the field prepared for another “green-white-checkered” dash. He was also the first driver a lap down and received the wave-around, allowing him to “lucky-dog” his way back onto the lead lap. As he approached the tail of the field, three lapped machines stood between him and 10th-place Causey.
  At the front, Greg Edwards had Hall on his outside flank. Smith, Queen, Justin T. Carroll and Bowen also opted for the high lane.
  As the lead cars passed the flagstand, taking the green flag for the final time, Danny Edwards Jr. shot by the three slower cars in Turns 3 and 4, then nosed ahead of Causey at the stripe. The “Hail Mary” charge immediately caused consternation in the scoring tower. By rule, Edwards Jr. couldn’t begin passing cars until he had crossed the start/finish line.
  While attention was riveted on Edwards Jr.’s last-gasp bid, his brother had broken away at the head of the procession, disposing of Hall and forging a comfortable margin over Wertz.
  Coming to the white flag, Hall skittered sideways off Turn 4, creating a momentary logjam. Amidst the unfolding chaos, Edwards Jr. slipped past Bowen and advanced to ninth.
  At the checkers, after 141 laps, Greg Edwards was the winner by 0.700-second — about four lengths — over Wertz. Terry Carroll was third, followed by Hall and Smith. Queen was sixth, while Wyatt and Justin T. Carroll were seventh and eighth. Danny Edwards Jr. was ninth to the line, but that was under review.
  In Victory Lane after the race, Greg Edwards recounted his dominating run and waited for official word of the championship outcome: “This car was incredible tonight. Since we crashed the car, we’ve been working on getting it better and better. Talked with the guys and came up with a game plan of what to do today and it worked out great. I mean, this car was about as good as it could possibly be.”
  Noting the restart at lap 128, when he appeared to struggle somewhat, Edwards said, “Well, I knew when they start doing ‘green-white-checkers,’ Wertz, he’s tough at the end of these races and I spun the tires a little bit there. So, he did a good job and I was just glad to be able to bring it home first.”
  Asked about competing against his brother for the championship, Edwards said, “It is amazing. It is kinda hard to do, actually. It’s more stressful than anything else, battling your brother, y’know. I don’t want something bad to happen to him. I’m just glad tonight we had a goal to sit on the pole and lead every lap and that’s what we did.”
  As the post-race celebration continued, the word came down that officials had bumped Danny Edwards Jr. from ninth to 11th in the final rundown, a penalty for jumping the final restart. Bowen and Causey were ninth and 10th, respectively, in the finishing order. That decision handed a second straight Late Model title to Greg Edwards.
  Edwards seemed a bit stunned as the announcement was made: “I don’t know what to say. I really wasn’t looking for it. I mean, I just didn’t think this was gonna happen at all tonight. We did what we had to do, was get out here and lead every lap and win the race and, sometimes, in these last races, just crazy things happen. And, unfortunately, it happened again for Danny. Last time something like this happened, he just barely squeezed through and won the championship. This time, we were lucky enough to get it, but I hate it for those guys. But, one of us had to get it and I’m proud to be one.”
  In the final Late Model tally, pending official verification, both Greg and Danny Edwards wound up with 403 points. Greg got the tiebreaker nod with seven race wins to his brother’s six. Queen was third in the standings, followed by Wertz and Hall.

  In the evening’s other feature events:

  With title contenders dropping like flies, Jimmy Humblet moved out front on lap 30 and rolled to his second win of the year in the 50-lap Larry King Law Modified race.
  Points leader Shawn Balluzzo was the pole-sitter for the event, qualifying at 86.691 mph — nearly three-tenths of a second quicker than his front-row mate, Jon Largena. Robbie Babb and Humblet shared Row 2, while Matt Carter was fifth on the 16-car grid.
  On the initial start, Balluzzo leaped ahead of Largena and hauled the field toward Turn 1. Babb and Carter tagged along, taking over second and third, while Largena slipped to fourth. Humblet emerged from the shuffle in fifth.
  Any carry-over from his dominating qualifying performance didn’t last too long for Balluzzo as Babb ducked underneath him in Turns 1 and 2 on lap 3 and shot into the lead. A handful of circuits later, Babb was up by nearly five car-lengths. Balluzzo mounted a brief rally, only to see Babb ease away again.
  The first 29 laps were caution-free and Babb took full advantage of the extended run, stretching his margin to half a straightaway over Balluzzo, who enjoyed a similar lead over third-place Carter.
  The first caution flag appeared on lap 30 when Bobby Gery spun in Turn 4. Leaving little doubt about who he blamed for his misfortune, Gery chased down Evan Horne during the caution period and the two engaged in a bout of “bumper cars,” earning them both an early dismissal from the event. Entering the race, Horne and Gery were fourth and fifth, respectively, in the standings.
  Gathering for a restart, fourth-place Largena, fifth-place Mike Rudy and seventh-place Danny Harrell chose the outside lane.
  Returning to green, the field made it as far as Turn 1 before trouble broke out at the front. Among those involved in the multi-car melee were Babb and Largena, second and third in the standings. The red flag was displayed and, while the field sat idle on the frontstretch, Babb drove away from the accident scene and made a beeline for Balluzzo, the new leader, bumping into his left-front wheel before retiring to the pits, his title hopes seemingly dashed.
  For the ensuing restart, Humblet was deployed to Balluzzo’s outside. Joining him up top were Harrell and Donnie Holston.
  Back under way, Humblet bolted ahead of Balluzzo to take the lead. The move grabbed the attention of officials and, on lap 31, he was shown the black flag. As he reported to the pits for a pass-through penalty on lap 32, the third caution flag waved for debris on the frontstretch.
  During the caution period, Balluzzo made it known to officials that he had spun his tires on the previous restart and that Humblet had not jumped the green flag. Thanks to that welcome bit of sportsmanship, Humblet was placed back in the lead.
  After only one more green-flag lap, the last of the race’s four caution flags flew when Balluzzo and Holston tangled in Turn 1, collecting Rudy.
  As the race resumed, Humblet maintained a firm grip on the top spot, opening a three-length lead over Carter, the new second-place runner. By lap 38, they had distanced themselves from third-place Harrell by nearly half a straightaway.
  On lap 39, Balluzzo dropped off the pace on the backstretch and headed toward the pits. Two laps later, he was joined by Rudy as the attrition list continued to grow, along with the ill tempers.
  At the finish, Humblet was the winner by 2.319 seconds — half a straightaway — over Carter. Harrell was third, while Jack Sharkey and Holston completed the top five.
  With the top five in the division standings all ending up on the sidelines, very little changed in the championship chase. Balluzzo will carry a seven-point lead, 223-216, over Babb into next Saturday’s season finale. Largena remains third, followed by Horne. Gery and Harrell are deadlocked for fifth.

  In the 40-lap season-ender for the Butterfoss & Barton Orthodontics Super Streets, Renno Marchetti IV started on the pole, at 75.872 mph, and led flag-to-flag for his 10th win. He wrapped up the 2015 division title when he took the initial green flag.
  While Marchetti was enjoying a leisurely drive at the head of the field, positions were swapping hands behind him. Sean Calway snagged second from outside pole starter Sammy Gaita on lap 7, while, two laps later, Bill Eaker retreated to the pits and handed fifth place to Randy Akers. Meanwhile, Landon Abbott snatched third from Gaita.
  At the halfway mark, Akers slipped around Gaita for fourth, then overtook Abbott for third on the following circuit. Gaita moved past Abbott for fourth on lap 22, only see Abbott return the favor in physical fashion on lap 23. That exchange set up an ongoing slugfest that spanned the next 14 laps.
  On lap 34, Gaita retook fourth from Abbott in Turns 1 and 2, while Abbott switched lanes and drove back to the inside in Turns 3 and 4. The two made heavy contact on the frontstretch and, a lap later, the only caution flag flew when Abbott cut down a tire and slapped the outside wall in Turn 1 as Gaita looped his machine.
  Lining up for a restart, Marchetti was the leader, followed by Calway, Akers, Chris Hott and Gaita. When presented with the option, no one chose the outside lane.
  Back under green, Marchetti led the nose-to-tail procession through Turns 1 and 2, then opened a two-length margin on the backstretch. On the next lap, as Gaita hounded Hott for fourth, third-place Akers suddenly slowed and headed for the pits.
  Having little success on the bottom of the track, Gaita looked to the outside of Hott on lap 38. He was able to work a fender alongside Hott, but couldn’t find enough bite to complete the pass.
  At the finish, Marchetti was the winner by 2.264 seconds — half a straightaway — over Calway. Hott held off Gaita for third, while Abbott rounded out the top five.
  In the final division standings, Marchetti claimed the ‘15 title by 23 over Abbott, 310-287. Abbott won the only two races that Marchetti didn’t this season. Akers was third in the rundown, followed by Gaita and Eaker.

  In the 30-lap wind-up for the KeesVacations.com Pro Sixes, Casey Sipe took the lead on a restart at lap 23 and sailed to his first victory of the season.
  Title contender Landon Florian bagged the pole position, at 82.593 mph, sharing the front row with Justin Fuller. Travis Wall and points leader Bobby Hall made up Row 2, while Maddy Mulligan started fifth.
  On the start, Florian bolted into the lead. Behind him, Wall failed to come up to speed immediately and dropped to fifth. Needing to finish ahead of Florian to secure his second straight championship, Hall emerged in third, followed by Cody Carlton.
  By lap 8, Florian had pulled away by half a straightaway over Fuller. Wall had righted his ship, bypassed Carlton and closed in on Hall. On lap 9, Sipe cracked the top five, slipping past Carlton. Three laps later, Wall overtook Hall for third.
  The first caution flag waved on lap 16 for Mulligan’s spin in Turn 4. Bunching for a restart, Fuller and Hall led the outside lane, followed by Carlton, Dashe McLaughlin, J.B. Sipe and Ben Zoellner.
  Back under green, Florian pulled ahead off Turn 2, while Fuller and Hall made contact, dropping both of them back in the running order.
  The second caution flag appeared on lap 19 when Hall and Carlton tangled in Turn 3 and Carlton spun into the outside wall, ending his night.
  For the next restart, Wall pulled to the outside of Florian as they raced off Turn 2. Wall’s jump was a little too good for the officials’ taste, though, and he was black-flagged to the pits. As Wall slowed on lap 22, Florian returned to the lead. Moments later, the third yellow flag was in the air as Mulligan’s engine erupted in Turn 4.
  On the restart, at lap 23, Casey Sipe stayed even with Florian through Turns 1 and 2 and powered out front on the backstretch. Meanwhile, Fuller and Hall renewed their tussle.
  By lap 25, Sipe had widened his margin to almost half a straightaway. Behind him, Florian, Fuller and Hall jousted for second.
  The final caution flag flew on lap 28 when Hall and Fuller locked horns in Turn 2 and Fuller spun. For the last restart, Hall, Wall, J.B. Sipe and Angela-Marie Steele went to the outside lane.
  Under green for the final time, Casey Sipe cleared Hall off Turn 4 to gain the clear-cut edge. Hall’s chances at a win — and a championship — dimmed considerably when he skated sideways in Turn 2 on lap 29, giving way to Florian and Wall.
  At the checkers, Casey Sipe was the winner by 0.430-second — two car-lengths — over Florian, who bagged his third Pro Six title in four years. Wall was third to the line.
  Hall was fourth at the end, but refused the the post-race inspection and was disqualified. J.B. Sipe moved up to fourth in the official rundown, while Fuller was fifth.
  In the final standings, Florian ended up with 241 points, 19 more than second-place Wall. Carlton was third, while Hall dropped to fourth and Fuller completed the top five.

  In the 25-lap finale for the Cycle City Corp. INEX Legends, Tommy Jackson Jr. grabbed the lead on the last lap and posted his first victory of the season.
  Points leader Chris Hildebrand started on the pole, at 79.088 mph, and took the lead on the opening lap. Outside pole starter Brian May battled Jackson as the race got under way and held him off until lap 7 when Jackson scooted past with Brad Hancock in tow.
  On lap 11, Hancock bypassed Jackson for second and closed to within a couple car-lengths of the leader. Before that duel could fully take shape, however, the first caution flag flew as Sparky West spun in the middle of Turns 1 and 2.
  Back under green, Hildebrand and Hancock made short work of May, who had restarted on the outside. Stuck in the high lane, May tumbled to sixth before finding an opening on the bottom. Soon, Jackson had joined the lead duo in a nose-to-tail battle at the point.
  The second, and final, caution flag appeared on lap 24 when Chris Hayes spun in Turn 2, setting up a “green-white-checkered” finish. For the last restart, Jackson chose the outside lane, along with D.J. Valente and Vernon Houseman.
  Under green for the last time, Hildebrand cleared Jackson in Turn 1, but Jackson rallied at the end of the backstretch. Hildebrand led by a nose at the white flag, but he could stave off Jackson on the final circuit.
  At the finish, Jackson was the winner by 0.137-second — barely a car-length — over Hancock, who slipped past Hildebrand on the last lap. Hildebrand was third, followed by Matt Dail and May.
  In the final standings, Hildebrand claimed the 2015 Legends title by eight points over May, 152-144. Dail was third, while Valente and Jackson were fourth and fifth, in that order.

  Cole Bruce started on the pole, at 65.122 mph, and wired the field as the Cycle City Corp. INEX Bandoleros wrapped up their 2015 campaign with a caution-free 15-lapper.
  Starting third, Jacob Putman moved up to second on the opening lap and was a constant presence on Bruce’s bumper throughout the contest, never falling more than a couple lengths back. He couldn’t find an opening for a winning pass, though, and had to settle for second.
  At the finish, Bruce was the winner by 0.159-second — a single car-length — over Putman. Outside pole starter Autumn Weaver was third to the line, followed by Colby Flowers and Brad Kilby.
  Despite two rather pedestrian outings to close the season, five-time race winner Zach Lightfoot nabbed his second straight division title. He finished with 218 points, 10 ahead of Putman, who came on strong at the end of the year with a win and a runner-up outing in his last two events. Kilby was third, followed by Flowers and Weaver.
                                • • •
  MEDIA CONTACT:        Gary Daughtrey
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                        E-mail: daughtrey@langley-speedway.com

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Subway Night
Race Results
Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (97) Greg Edwards; 141
2.  (55) Mark Wertz; 141
3.  (90) Terry Carroll; 141
4.  (77) Connor Hall; 141
5.  (10) Nick Smith; 141
6.  (03) Brenden Queen; 141
7.  (92) Casey Wyatt; 141
8.  (57) Justin T. Carroll; 141
9.  (19) Cameron Bowen; 141
10. (33) Macy Causey; 141
11. (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 141
12. (08) Mike Weddell; 139
13. (01) Madeline Crane; 138
14. (71) Logan Jones; 136
15. (7)  Michael Hardin; 130
16. (8)  Tyler Hughes; 129
17. (91) Justin S. Carroll; 34
18. (38) Cody Carlton; 19
19. (97x)Thomas Marks; 6
Pole: G. Edwards - 88.931 mph.
* Race extended from 125 to 141
 laps by a late caution flag.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (11) Jimmy Humblet; 50
2.  (78) Matt Carter; 50
3.  (95) Danny Harrell; 50
4.  (88) Jack Sharkey; 50
5.  (1)  Donnie Holston; 50
6.  (5)  Andrew Fortin; 50
7.  (28) Todd VanGuilder; 50
8.  (87) Darrell Vance; 50
9.  (51) Tony Steele; 49
10. (16) Eric McPherson; 49
11. (8)  Mike Rudy; 41
12. (48) Shawn Balluzzo; 39
13. (4)  Jon Largena; 29
14. (44) Robbie Babb; 29
15. (6)  Evan Horne; 29
16. (60) Bobby Gery; 28
Pole: Balluzzo - 86.691 mph.

  SUPER STREETS - 40 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (01) Renno Marchetti IV; 40
2.  (12) Sean Calway; 40
3.  (14) Chris Hott; 40
4.  (24) Sammy Gaita; 40
5.  (70) Landon Abbott; 40
6.  (46) Jason Michaud; 40
7.  (21) Randy Akers; 40
8.  (2)  Rod Busitzky; 38
9.  (22) Bill Eaker; 10
10. (53) Zac Stongle; 8
Pole: Marchetti - 75.872 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (23) Casey Sipe; 30
2.  (98) Landon Florian; 30
3.  (44) Travis Wall; 30
4.  (14) J.B. Sipe; 30
5.  (03) Justin Fuller; 30
6.  (21) Dashe McLaughlin; 30
7.  (4)  Debbie Biesecker; 30
8.  (57) Ben Zoellner; 30
9.  (47) Angela-Marie Steele; 30
10. (10) Maddy Mulligan; 22
11. (94) Cody Carlton; 18
DQ  (26) Bobby Hall; 30
Pole: Florian - 82.593 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (87) Tommy Jackson Jr.; 25
2.  (10) Brad Hancock; 25
3.  (71) Chris Hildebrand; 25
4.  (07) Matt Dail; 25
5.  (22) Brian May; 25
6.  (18) D.J. Valente; 25
7.  (20) Vernon Houseman; 25
8.  (99) Sparky West; 25
9.  (51) Brandon Johnston; 25
10. (28) Warren Stradley; 25
11. (4)  Chris Hayes; 23
Pole: Hildebrand - 79.088 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (31) Cole Bruce; 15
2.  (3)  Jacob Putman; 15
3.  (18) Autumn Weaver; 15
4.  (33) Colby Flowers; 15
5.  (5)  Brad Kilby; 15
6.  (24) Elysia Potter; 15
7.  (14) Conner Jones; 15
8.  (7)  Zach Lightfoot; 15
9.  (51) Brad Wilson; 15
10. (37) Makenzie Leisure; 15
11. (87) Aidan Bolling; 14
12. (48) Wesley Newell; 12
Pole: Bruce - 65.122 mph.

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RaceRap News & Photo Page
RaceRap News & Photo Page

Dillon Motor Speedway
Dillon Motor Speedway

Caraway Speedway
Caraway Speedway

Hickory Motor Speedway
Hickory Motor Speedway

Driver & Team Press Releases
Driver & Team Press Releases

Florence Motor Speedway
Florence Motor Speedway

Coastal Plains Raceway Park
Coastal Plains Raceway Park

Richmond International Raceway
Richmond International Raceway

Myrtle Beach Speedway
Myrtle Beach Speedway

Southside Speedway
Southside Speedway

Southern National Motorsports Park
Southern National Motorsports Park

Mountain View Speedway
Mountain View Speedway


Lonesome Pine Raceway
Lonesome Pine Raceway

ACE Speedway
ACE Speedway

Wake County Speedway
Wake County Speedway


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Pass Series Racing
Pass Series Racing

UARA Series
UARA Series

MiniStock Mayhem Series
MiniStock Mayhem Series

South East Limited Late Models Series
South East Limited Late Models Series

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