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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Brunnhoelzl nabs Southern Mod victory
Sep 6, 2015 - updated Sep 6th, 2015 7:48pm
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, Va. --

NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour
 & NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
BayPort Credit Union Night
 presented by Budweiser
Race Report
Saturday, September 5, 2015

  HAMPTON, Va. (Sept. 5) — George Brunnhoelzl III started on the pole and led 141 of 150 laps to post his second win of the season in the BayPortCredit Union 150 presented by Budweiser for the NASCAR Southern Modified Tour, the headlining event of Saturday evening’s racing program at Langley Speedway.
  The third-generation driver from West Babylon, N.Y., claimed the pole in afternoon time trials, clocking in at 94.411 mph. Andy Seuss was second-fastest, just 80-thousandths of a second off the pole-winning time. Jason Myers, Kyle Ebersole and Gary Putnam completed the top five on the 14-car starting grid.
  As the race got under way, Brunnhoelzl beat Seuss into Turn 1 to take the early lead. Seuss settled into second, followed by Ebersole, Myers and Putnam. Meanwhile, Burt Myers, looking for his third straight Langley victory, dropped from seventh to ninth in the race-opening shuffle.
  By lap 5, Brunnhoelzl had opened a four-length advantage over Seuss as the lead duo began to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. At lap 10, the top two enjoyed a half-straightaway edge over Ebersole and the margin continued to grow.
  Passing lap 10, Seuss began to close in on the leader, drawing to within a couple car-lengths. Just when it appeared that a battle for the top spot was taking shape, though, Brunnhoelzl kicked it up a notch, stretching his lead back out to four lengths.
  The first yellow flag waved on lap 23 when Mike Norman spun off Turn 2. During the ensuing caution period, Norman visited the pits, along with David Calabrese and Joe Ryan Osborne.
  On the double-file restart, Brunnhoelzl cleared Seuss on the backstretch and set sail. By lap 43, Brunnhoelzl’s advantage had grown to five lengths, while third-place Ebersole had fallen nearly a straightaway back.
  Deeper in the pack, Burt Myers was coming to life. Up to seventh, he picked off sixth-place Bobby Measmer Jr. with a strong outside pass on lap 45, then cracked the top five on lap 52, sweeping past Frank Fleming. Within a few circuits, he had tracked down his brother, Jason Myers, and was looking for fourth.
  The second caution flag flew on lap 58 when A.J. Winstead, Osborne and Putnam tangled in Turn 3. As the field circulated slowly behind the pace truck, Ebersole broke ranks and headed to the attention of his crew, giving up the third spot. Jeremy Gerstner also pitted, along with Winstead and Putnam, who each made a couple of stops before rejoining the fray.
  Back under green, Brunnhoelzl pulled ahead of Seuss as they entered Turn 1. Seuss attempted to cross over to the inside lane off Turn 2, but Brunnhoelzl fought him off. Behind them, Burt Myers swiped third place from his brother and brought Fleming along with him, to fourth.
  The third caution flag made a quick appearance as Ebersole looped his machine in Turn 3, just after the restart. Jason Myers took the opportunity to duck onto the pit lane, returning to the track ahead of Osborne, the “lucky dog” beneficiary.
  Again, the field only enjoyed a brief green-flag as Winstead spun in Turn 3 on lap 73 to bring out the fourth yellow flag. The leaders tailed the pace truck to the halfway mark, then headed to the pits en masse. Having already pitted, Ebersole stayed out and assumed the lead. Osborne lined up second, while Brunnhoelzl was first out of the pits and grabbed third. Meanwhile, Burt Myers’ chances to extend his Langley streak took a hit as a lengthy stop left him a lap down.
  The race resumed at the beginning of lap 80 and Ebersole bolted ahead of Osborne to retain the lead. Brunnhoelzl tailed Osborne for a lap, then moved up to second on lap 81. By lap 84, he had pulled to within a car-length of Ebersole.
  Brunnhoelzl reclaimed the top spot on lap 85, driving underneath Ebersole at the end of the backstretch and nosing ahead at the flagstand. He cleared Ebersole on lap 86. As Ebersole began to tumble back in the running order, Measmer popped up in second, followed by Seuss and Jason Myers.
  Seuss regained the runner-up position on lap 97, edging a half-car-length ahead of Measmer at the line. He claimed the clear-cut advantage on lap 98. The exchange allowed Brunnhoelzl to pad his lead to five lengths.
  The fifth caution flag was displayed on lap 108 when Osborne spun on the backstretch. He and Ebersole both pitted during the caution period. Preparing for the restart, Burt Myers was waved past the pace truck and he sped around to the tail of the field, “lucky-dogging” his way back onto the lead lap.
  On the restart, Seuss put up a tussle, remaining on Brunnhoelzl’s outside flank until they reached Turn 4. Heading onto the frontstretch, Brunnhoelzl powered ahead and began to ease away. By lap 119, the margin had grown to three lengths. An equal gap separated Seuss from third-place Measmer and Measmer from fourth-place Jason Myers.
  Caution flag #6 flew on lap 135 for Winstead’s spin in Turn 3, wiping out Brunnhoelzl’s lead, which had swelled to almost half a straightaway. Gathering for a restart at lap 140, Brunnhoelzl, Seuss, Measmer, Jason Myers, Ebersole and Burt Myers made up the top six.
  Back under green, Brunnhoelzl bolted ahead of Seuss at the start/finish line and left the inside lane open for Measmer, who battled Seuss for almost a full lap before snagging second. Ebersole moved up to fourth, dropping Jason Myers to fifth.
  On lap 142, Burt Myers scooted around his brother to return to the top five. Two laps later, Seuss retook second from Measmer, completing the pass in Turn 3. As Seuss pulled ahead, though, Measmer went around and brought out the last of the race’s seven caution flags.
  For the final double-file restart, Brunnhoelzl and Seuss occupied the front row, followed by Ebersole and Burt Myers in Row 2. Jason Myers and Calabrese made up Row 3.
  The field received the green flag for the last time to begin lap 149, meaning that it would be a “green-white-checkered” sprint to the finish.
  Coming to the flagstand, Seuss got the drop on Brunnhoelzl and eked out a razor-thin lead. It was the only lap he’d lead all night, but it gained him a valuable bonus point.
  Brunnhoelzl quickly recovered and cleared Seuss as the white flag went in the air. He manufactured two car-length’s worth of separation on the final lap and won by 0.387-second. Ebersole battled past Seuss to take second, while Seuss had to settle for third. Burt Myers was fourth and Jason Myers completed the top five.
  Gerstner headed up the second five, in sixth, followed by Measmer, Fleming, Osborne and Calabrese. Trey Hutchens was 11th, the final driver on the lead lap.
  In Victory Lane after the event, Brunnhoelzl noted his confidence as he faced the race-ending dash: “The car was just really that good. Most of the race, we only ran probably 70 percent and restart’s are about the closest and that was all we had to worry about. Once we got a couple green-flag laps, it was just on cruise control.”
  After clawing his way from the back of the pack, Ebersole was upbeat over his runner-up outing: “It was looking like we had the wrong strategy there for a while. We got hung out and everyone pitted and we stayed out, but we got that timely caution. The car really didn’t handle all that great, but the new tire paid off there at the end. You never know how these things are gonna play out. It usually gets nuts at the end.”
  Though obviously aggravated by losing a position on the last lap, Seuss put a positive spin on his third-place result: “Wasn’t the greatest car the first half and all the adjustments at the pit stop were perfect. Had a good car. Y’know, me and the 28 (Brunnhoelzl) were pretty close. Had a pretty close last few laps on that restart. Really tough starting on the restarts on the outside here, but we were able to come up through. We just didn’t have enough laps on the ‘green-white-checkered’ there.”
  Exiting Saturday night’s race, the battle for the 2015 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour title could scarcely be closer. Up by only two points coming into the race, Jason Myers retained first place, but saw his margin trimmed to a single point over Seuss and Burt Myers, who are deadlocked for second. Ebersole is fourth, five behind the leader, while Brunnhoelzl is fifth, just nine points out of the top spot.
  From Langley, the series heads to South Boston Speedway for a 150-lapper on Saturday, Sept. 19. They will close out the campaign with races on Oct. 3 at Hickory Motor Speedway and Oct. 8 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
  Highlights from the BayPort Credit Union 150 presented by Budweiser will air on the NBC Sports Network on Friday, Sept. 11, at 2:30 p.m.

  In the evening’s other feature events:

  In the 40-lap Pepsi Grand Stock race, Rodney Boyd moved out front on lap 12 and rolled to his first win of the season.
  Jamie Sample started on the pole, at 78.338 mph, sharing the front row with Tim Wilson. Boyd and Mark Frye made up Row 2. Bubba Johnston was due to start fifth, but was felled by mechanical woes on the parade laps.
  When the race got going, Boyd latched onto Sample’s rear bumper and shoved him ahead of Wilson as the field headed to Turn 1. As the leaders began lap 2, Andrew Condrey spun in Turn 4 to bring out what would turn out to be the only caution flag. Bunching for a restart, fourth-place Frye and sixth-place Shawn Scovel chose the outside lane.
  Back under green, Scovel boosted Frye past Sample and into the top spot. Frye’s stay atop the leaderboard was short-lived, however, as Sample reclaimed the point on lap 4. Boyd tagged along with Sample and took over second.
  Boyd shadowed Sample until lap 12 when he ducked low into Turn 1 and came away with the lead as they sped down the backstretch. Once out front, Boyd immediately began to ease away.
  Deeper in the pack, Tommy Sweeney was on the move. After starting sixth, he made his way into the top five on the opening circuit and picked off Wilson for fourth on lap 10. Soon, he was hounding Frye for third.
  On lap 25, Sweeney drove underneath Frye in Turn 4. He completed the pass through Turns 1 and 2 on lap 26 to take over third. The brief tussle allowed fifth-place Thomas Marks to creep into the picture.
  At the head of the field, Boyd was showing his muscle, extending his lead to half a straightaway over Sample. Another full straightaway divided Sample and Sweeney, who had driven away from Frye.
  At the finish, Boyd was the winner by 1.950 seconds over Sample. Sweeney was third, while Frye held off Marks to take fourth.

  While many of his strongest challengers found themselves on the sidelines, Renno Marchetti IV breezed to his ninth victory of the year in the 40-lap Butterfoss & Barton Orthodontics Super Street race.
  Marchetti was the pole-sitter for the event, at 76.100 mph. Sammy Gaita was the outside pole starter, over three-tenths of a second off Marchetti’s pace. Landon Abbott, Bill Eaker and Jason Michaud rounded out the top five.
  The first try at a start went awry when Sean Calway rolled to a halt in Turn 2. As the field reorganized for a complete do-over, Gaita headed to the pits with mechanical issues. He returned, but at the back of the pack.
  As the green flag waved for a second time, Marchetti motored ahead of Eaker through Turns 1 and 2 to take the early lead. Abbott slipped past Eaker on the backstretch to take over second, dropping Eaker to third.
  By lap 4, Marchetti was already up by nearly half a straightaway as Abbott and Eaker jousted for the runner-up spot. Behind them, Randy Akers made his way into the top five on lap 5, bypassing Chris Hott on the backstretch. Gaita tagged along with Akers and advanced to sixth.
  On lap 6, Akers overhauled Michaud for fourth and, once again, Gaita was right in his tire tracks, moving up to fifth.
  The second caution flag flew on lap 8 when Michaud got caught up in a snarl and spun in Turn 2. For the ensuing restart, Eaker, Gaita, Matt Morgan and Rod Busitzky chose the outside lane.
  The next restart was a bit disjointed and not to the liking of officials, who quickly threw the third yellow flag. During the caution period, Akers and Calway retired to the pits. Gaita, Morgan and Busitzky picked the outside lane as the field prepared for another green flag.
  As the race resumed, Gaita was unable to come up to speed and he pulled to the top of the track through Turns 1 and 2, allowing the rest of the field to stream past. He finally called it a night after completing nine circuits.
  Caution flag #4 came out on lap 13 as Morgan’s night ended in a thick cloud of white smoke. At the time of his misfortune, he was challenging Hott for fourth place. The fifth, and final, yellow flag flew one lap later when Zac Stongle spun in the middle of Turn 3 and 4, collecting Jim Bennett.
  With over half of the starting field sitting idle in the pits, Marchetti enjoyed an easy cruise to the checkers. At the finish, his margin of victory stood at a whopping 5.147 seconds. Abbott, Eaker, Hott and Michaud rounded out the top five.

  Landon Florian started on the pole, at 82.054 mph, and led all the way for his fifth win of the season in a 30-lapper for the KeesVacations.com Pro Sixes.
  While Florian bolted into the lead at the drop of the green flag, his front-row colleague, Justin Fuller, didn’t initially enjoy the same success, tumbling to sixth in the running order. Casey Sipe emerged from the shuffle in second, followed by Bobby Hall, Cody Carlton and Travis Wall.
  Florian was able to establish a bit of breathing room in the opening laps as Hall challenged Sipe for second. Deeper in the pack, Fuller had righted the ship, picking off Wall and Carlton to advance to fourth.
  The first caution flag appeared on lap 7 when Debbie Biesecker and Ben Zoellner locked horns in Turn 1 and slid up to the outside wall. For the ensuing restart, Casey Sipe, Wall and J.B. Sipe opted for the outside lane.
  Back under green, Casey Sipe rocketed ahead of Florian, who ended up spinning off Turn 2. Officials ruled that the resulting caution flag was the product of a bad restart and not Florian’s spin, so he was returned to the lead.
  As the race resumed, Florian and Casey Sipe dueled side-by-side until they reached Turn 2. Heading onto the backstretch, Florian grabbed the clear-cut advantage, while Hall poked a fender underneath Sipe in a bid for second. Sipe rebuffed the charge, but the scuffle allowed Florian to open a three-length lead.
  On lap 11, Fuller slipped past Hall to take over third. Continuing his march back toward the front, he quickly tracked down Sipe and snagged the runner-up spot on lap 15. As each skirmish played out in his mirror, Florian kept adding to his margin.
  At the finish, Florian was the winner by 2.294 seconds — about half a straightaway — over Fuller. Casey Sipe, Hall and Wall tailed the lead duo to the stripe.
  Following the race, Casey Sipe and Wall were disqualified when they failed to clear the technical inspection. In the official rundown, Florian, Fuller, Hall, J.B. Sipe and Maddy Mulligan made up the top five.
  With Wall’s ouster, he dropped from the division points lead. Hall is the new leader, one point ahead of Florian — 217-216. The two will decide the 2015 title in the Pro Six finale on Sept. 19.

  Brad May led from pole to checkers for his first win of the season in a 25-lap contest for the Cycle City Corp. INEX Legends. May’s victory snapped Chris Hildebrand’s stranglehold on the winner’s circle.
  May qualified at 78.429 mph to claim the pole, sharing the front row with Brad Hancock. Hildebrand, unbeaten in four races, lined up third, followed by Matt Dail and D.J. Valente.
  As the race got under way, May pulled ahead of Hancock off Turn 2 to take the early lead. Hildebrand moved up to second, followed by Dail, while Hancock slid into a fourth-place tussle with Valente.
  For the first 16 circuits, Hildebrand was content to stalk the leader, riding May’s rear bumper and sneaking occasional peeks to the inside.
  On lap 17, though, Hildebrand bobbled a bit in Turn 2. May suddenly widened his margin to three lengths, while Dail slipped past Hildebrand to take over second place.
  The only caution flag waved on lap 20 when Dail spun in Turn 2.
  Back under green, May clung to the lead. Behind him, Hancock rolled past Hildebrand for second on lap 21, bringing Dail along with him and kicking Hildebrand back to fourth. Hildebrand regained third place on lap 22, but the position swap cost him valuable ground as May and Hancock motored ahead.
  At the white flag, May and Hancock were nose-to-tail. Hancock wiggled slightly in Turns 1 and 2, though, and May was afforded some breathing room. Hancock rallied, however, closing in on May as they navigated Turns 3 and 4 for the last time.
  In the final corner, Hancock tried to root May up the track. He succeeded in drawing alongside the leader, but May won the drag race back to the flagstand by 65-thousandths of a second — half a car-length — to secure the win. Crossing the stripe, the two tangled and spun, but came away unscathed. Hildebrand was third in the rundown, while Dail and Valente completed the top five.

  With a drafting boost from Cullen Roberts, Charlie-Ray Lorah took the lead on lap 19 and scored his second win of the year in the 20-lap Rhonnda Claiborne, Realtor HRKC Pro Winged Champ Kart race.
  Aaron Leach started on the pole, at 61.993 mph, but gave way to his brother, outside pole-sitter Matthew Leach, as the event got under way. On the second circuit, Aaron Leach tangled with John Savage and they spun in Turn 1. They both got going, though, as the yellow flag remained under wraps.
  At the front, Matthew Leach and Tillman Heuer formed a two-kart drafting alliance and opened a three-length advantage over a second group, which included Charlie-Ray and Brandon Lorah and Roberts.
  The first caution flag was unfurled on lap 6 for a single-kart incident in Turn 2. That was followed, a lap later, by the second yellow flag, which flew for a three-kart jumble, also in Turn 2.
  Back under green, Matthew Leach led Heuer, Charlie-Ray Lorah and Roberts in a four-kart breakaway, while Brandon Lorah lost touch with the lead draft.
  On lap 9, Heuer pushed his kart to the lead, aided by Charlie-Ray Lorah and Roberts. Once out front, the trio proved to be a potent combination, pulling away by half a straightaway.
  Heuer, Lorah and Roberts remained in nose-to-tail formation until lap 19 when Lorah and Roberts broke out ranks on the backstretch, easily bypassing Heuer. With no drafting partner, Heuer was quickly swallowed up by the second pack.
  Charlie-Ray Lorah and Roberts maintained their disciplined draft over the final lap-and-a-half. At the finish, Lorah’s margin of victory was 83-thousandths of a second — a single kart-length. Roberts was second, followed by Matthew Leach, Brandon Lorah and Heuer.

  During the evening, it was announced that Langley Speedway will be the host venue for the 2016 edition of the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown, slated for April 21.
  Southside Speedway, Richmond International Raceway and South Boston Speedway have served as hosts for previous versions of the all-star Late Model event.
  Proceeds from the race benefit the Denny Hamlin Foundation, which supports cystic fibrosis research and therapy.
  Kyle Busch is a three-time winner of the race, while Hamlin, Tony Stewart, Timothy Peters, Matt Bowling and C.E. Falk have also hoisted the checkered flag.
                                • • •
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                        Home: (757) 657-6741
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NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour
 & NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
BayPort Credit Union Night
 presented by Budweiser
Race Results
Saturday, September 5, 2015

++BayPort Credit Union 150 presented by Budweiser++
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (28) George Brunnhoelzl III; 150
2.  (5)  Kyle Ebersole; 150
3.  (11) Andy Seuss; 150
4.  (1)  Burt Myers; 150
5.  (4)  Jason Myers; 150
6.  (15) Jeremy Gerstner; 150
7.  (74) Bobby Measmer Jr.; 150
8.  (40) Frank Fleming; 150
9.  (79) Joe Ryan Osborne; 150
10. (43) David Calabrese; 150
11. (14) Trey Hutchens; 150
12. (77) Gary Putnam; 148
13. (99) A.J. Winstead; 145
14. (12) Mike Norman; 72
Pole: Brunnhoelzl - 94.411 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (9)  Rodney Boyd; 40
2.  (28) Jamie Sample; 40
3.  (11) Tommy Sweeney; 40
4.  (29) Mark Frye; 40
5.  (88) Thomas Marks; 40
6.  (17) Tim Wilson; 40
7.  (6)  Shawn Scovel; 40
8.  (36) Andrew Condrey; 40
9.  (75) Jeff Driskill; 39
10. (19) Bubba Johnston; 0
Pole: Sample - 78.338 mph.

  SUPER STREETS - 40 laps
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (01) Renno Marchetti IV; 40
2.  (70) Landon Abbott; 40
3.  (22) Bill Eaker; 40
4.  (14) Chris Hott; 40
5.  (46) Jason Michaud; 40
6.  (2)  Rod Busitzky; 40
7.  (50) Jim Bennett; 15
8.  (53) Zac Stongle; 13
9.  (50x)Matt Morgan; 12
10. (24) Sammy Gaita; 9
11. (21) Randy Akers; 7
12. (12) Sean Calway; 7
13. (47) Craig Warren; 4
Pole: Marchetti - 76.100 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (98) Landon Florian; 30
2.  (03) Justin Fuller; 30
3.  (26) Bobby Hall; 30
4.  (14) J.B. Sipe; 30
5.  (10) Maddy Mulligan; 30
6.  (21) Dashe McLaughlin; 30
7.  (94) Cody Carlton; 30
8.  (4)  Debbie Biesecker; 29
9.  (57) Ben Zoellner; 29
DQ  (23) Casey Sipe; 30
DQ  (44) Travis Wall; 30
Pole: Florian - 82.054 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (22) Brian May; 25
2.  (10) Brad Hancock; 25
3.  (71) Chris Hildebrand; 25
4.  (07) Matt Dail; 25
5.  (18) D.J. Valente; 25
6.  (99) Sparky West; 25
7.  (51) Brandon Johnston; 25
8.  (5)  Whitt Seay; 25
9.  (4)  Chris Hayes; 24
Pole: May - 78.429 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (59) Charlie-Ray Lorah; 20
2.  (27) Cullen Roberts; 20
3.  (51) Matthew Leach; 20
4.  (69) Brandon Lorah; 20
5.  (14) Tillman Heuer; 20
6.  (94) Cody Carlton; 20
7.  (16) David Millard; 20
8.  (39) Mattisen Morrill; 20
9.  (24) Vaughan Crittenden; 20
10. (52) Chris Bechtel; 20
11. (71) Shawn Gervais; 20
12. (45) Aaron Leach; 20
13. (25) Bobby White; 20
14. (23) Bradley Gower; 20
15. (01) Jesse Call; 20
16. (63) John Savage; 19
17. (10) Danny Millard; 18
18. (47) Jeffrey Johnson; 17
19. (28) Gary Osbourne; 5
Pole: A. Leach - 61.993 mph.

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