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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Edwards brothers split Late Model twinbill
Aug 30, 2015 - updated Aug 30th, 2015 7:46pm
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, Va. --

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Safety-Kleen/Surf Rider Restaurants Night
Race Report
Saturday, August 29, 2015

  HAMPTON, Va. (Aug. 29) — Locked in a battle for the 2015 track championship, brothers Danny and Greg Edwards dueled to a points standoff as they split the Safety-Kleen/Surf Rider Restaurants Twin 65s for the ComServe/Verizon Wireless Late Model Stock Cars, the headlining events of Saturday evening’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.
  Ahead by 10 in the standings and riding a five-race winning streak in points competition, Danny Edwards Jr. nabbed the pole for the first half of the twinbill, qualifying at 89.114 mph. Greg Edwards was second-fastest, just 25-thousandths of a second off his brother’s pace. Tyler Hughes, Brenden “Butterbean” Queen and Mark Wertz completed the top five on the 16-car grid.
  As the opener got under way, Danny got the jump on Greg and won the drag race into Turn 1 to take the early lead. Greg settled into second, followed by a tight, third-place tussle between Hughes and Queen.
  On lap 2, Queen and Hughes tangled in Turns 1 and 2 and Queen’s car looped around to bring out the first caution flag. Bunching for a restart, Hughes, Casey Wyatt, Late Model newcomer Cody Carlton and Macy Causey opted for the outside lane.
  Back under green, Hughes stayed on Edwards Jr.’s flank until they reached the backstretch. Heading toward Turn 3, Edwards Jr. gained the upper hand, while Hughes slipped in line in the second spot. Deeper in the pack, Wyatt and Connor Hall jousted for fifth.
  On lap 5, Greg Edwards sought to regain the runner-up position from Hughes, ducking underneath him in Turn 2 and nosing ahead at the flagstand. The exchange allowed Edwards Jr. to pad his lead to four car-lengths.
  As the lap clicked off, Greg Edwards began to close in on the leader. By lap 20, he had narrowed his deficit to little more than two lengths. Meanwhile, Wertz had scooted around Hughes to move into third. He faced a steep climb, though, as the lead duo had dashed to a half-straightaway advantage.
  The second yellow flag waved on lap 21 when Craig Eastep smacked the outside wall in Turn 3. For the ensuing restart, Wertz, Hughes, Queen and Carlton chose the outside lane.
  When the race resumed, Edwards Jr. dispensed with Wertz in Turn 2 and left the door open for Greg Edwards, who motored past Wertz on the backstretch. Behind the top three, Hall, Hughes, Wyatt and Queen jostled for position. Hughes eventually nabbed the fourth spot on lap 31, bringing Wyatt along with him. In the meantime, though, they had fallen a straightaway behind the lead trio.
  The third caution flag flew on lap 37 when Bruce Livingston and J.T. Jackson spun in Turn 2. Gathering for a restart, Wertz, Queen, Hall, Causey and Carlton headed to the top side of the track.
  Returning to green, Edwards Jr. cleared Wertz through Turns 1 and 2. As his brother pulled ahead, Greg Edwards drove to the inside of Wertz, edging into second as they came back to the stripe. Wertz settled into third, followed by Hughes, while Wyatt and Queen scuffled for fifth.
  Working lap 50, Greg Edwards had drawn to within a car-length of his brother’s rear bumper and looked to be poised to pounce.
  Before a battle for the lead could take shape, however, the last of the race’s four caution flags was unfurled as Clayton Parrish and Cameron Bowen tangled in Turn 2. The incident chased Bowen to the sidelines, while Parrish completed two more circuits before retiring.
  Setting the lineup as the field prepared for what would turn out to be the final restart, Danny Edwards Jr. and Greg Edwards ran 1-2, followed by Wertz, Hughes and Queen. Wertz, Hughes, Hall, Causey and Carlton picked the outside lane.
  Under green for the last time, Edwards Jr. bolted ahead of Wertz at the start/finish line. Greg Edwards drove underneath Wertz, looking to retain second. He gained the clear-cut edge in Turns 3 and 4 and left the door open for Queen, who moved up to third. While his pursuers scrambled among themselves in his mirror, Edwards Jr. opened a four-length lead.
  With 10 laps to go, the Edwardses had pretty well checked out on the field, up by almost a full straightaway over third-place Queen. Behind Queen, Wertz, Hughes and Wyatt locked horns for fourth, fifth and sixth. The three tangled momentarily in Turn 4 on lap 57. Wertz emerged with the fourth spot and began to close in on Queen. Meanwhile, Wyatt bypassed Hughes for fifth.
  On lap 63, Wertz poked a fender underneath Queen in Turn 1. He took over the third position on lap 64 and Wyatt tagged along, dropping Queen to fifth.
  At the finish, Danny Edwards Jr. was the winner by 0.658-second — about four lengths — over Greg Edwards. Wertz was third, while Wyatt and Queen completed the top five. Hughes and Hall were sixth and seventh, followed by Dean Shiflett, Causey and Carlton. Livingston was 11th in the rundown, the final driver on the lead lap.
  In Victory Lane after his sixth win, Danny Edwards Jr. recounted a difficult outing and introduced a new word into the Late Model vernacular: “Yeah, it definitely wasn’t as good. A little free on this run, so I had to kinda work it. I knew them guys were gonna be coming. I know my brother’s got a fast car and he’s just had some misfortune lately and they’re getting it dialed back in, too. We’ve both got fast cars. Y’know, we were out front — lucky to be out front. We’ve got to tune it up a little bit for the second race. Had a little issue. The engine was ‘blubbering’ a little bit. I don’t know if we’ve got something hung in the carburetor or something, but it was acting kinda funny, so we’ve gotta work on that a little bit. Make some adjustments for the second race and see if we can do it again.”
  The starting lineup for the second race mirrored the finishing order of the first, placing Danny Edwards Jr. and Greg Edwards back on the front row. Wertz and Wyatt made up Row 2, while Queen and Hughes filled Row 3.
  As the nightcap got going, Edwards Jr. picked up right where he left off, snagging the lead at the entrance to Turn 1. Wertz drove to the inside of Greg Edwards, but couldn’t pull off the pass as Edwards took command of the second spot along the backstretch. Behind them, Queen and Hughes dueled door-to-door for fifth with Hughes gaining the clear-cut edge on lap 5.
  On lap 6, Wyatt slipped past Wertz for third. Four laps later, Wertz returned the favor. Meanwhile, half a straightaway ahead, a challenge for the lead was shaping up.
  On lap 10, Greg Edwards worked a fender underneath his older brother at the end of the backstretch and inched ahead at the line to lead for the first time. The two remained side-by-side until lap 12 when Greg Edwards pulled ahead off Turn 2. Falling in line, on the new leader’s bumper, Danny Edwards Jr. tried to regain the top spot. Little by little, though, Greg Edwards began to ease away.
  On lap 17, Hughes swiped the fourth position from Wyatt. Hall was next in line and he took over fifth place on lap 22. Six laps later, Queen grabbed sixth as Wyatt backpedaled in the running order.
  The first yellow flag appeared on lap 34 when Livingston spun in Turn 2, just ahead of the leaders. During the ensuing caution period, Wyatt headed to the pits for adjustments, joined by Causey. They both returned for the restart, falling to the tail of the field.
  Coming to the green flag, Greg Edwards was flanked by Hughes. Hall and Carlton also chose to restart in the outside lane.
  Back under way, Edwards beat Hughes into Turn 1. Edwards Jr. pulled alongside Hughes, initiating a second-place battle that lasted for a full lap. Hughes held onto the spot, clearing Edwards Jr. in Turn 1 on lap 35. Two laps later, Edwards Jr. took another run at Hughes, but came up empty after two side-by-side circuits. In the meantime, Greg Edwards stretched his lead to almost half a straightaway.
  The second, and final, caution flag flew on lap 41 when Causey spun in Turn 3. Again, she and Wyatt visited the pits before returning to the fray. For the restart, second-place Hughes and fifth-place Hall headed to the high side.
  As the green flag waved, Edwards and Hughes battled until they reached Turn 2. Motoring onto the backstretch, Edwards retained the lead, while Danny Edwards Jr. moved up to challenge for second. Edwards Jr. finally nosed ahead of Hughes on lap 44 and cleared him on the backstretch on lap 45.
  Now firmly in second, Edwards Jr. set off after his brother, who was up by a little more than two lengths. By lap 51, he had cut the deficit in half. That’s as close as he would get, however, as Greg Edwards began to pull away.
  At the finish, Greg Edwards was the winner by 0.609-second — about four lengths — over Danny Edwards Jr. Hall slipped past Hughes in the closing circuits and came home in third. Hughes was fourth, followed by Queen. Shiflett, Causey and Wyatt were sixth, seventh and eighth, in that order, the final drivers to complete the entire distance. Livingston was ninth, a lap down, while Wertz retired after 44 laps and was credited with 10th.
  Edwards’ victory was his sixth of the season, matching his brother’s win total, and it was his first since May 30.
  Upon exiting his car in Victory Lane, Edwards wrapped track chaplain, the Rev. Tom Potter, in a big bearhug. Explaining the reaction, he said, “Thanks to Rev. Potter. We’ve been having so many troubles with this car, since we wrecked it. Changed transmissions, changed motors — you name it — shifters, trying to figure out our problem. We’ve still got a shifting issue. Keeps wanting to come out of gear, the whole first race, so we bungee-corded it up the first race and it still popped out of gear. So, right before the race, I asked Rev. Potter, ‘I could use a prayer right now,’ and he did and, thank God, He answered it. I held it in gear the whole race. I drove with one hand and it’s not very comfortable driving these cars nowadays with one hand. I’m not Phil Warren.”
  Continuing, Edwards turned his attention to the efforts his teammates: “I gotta thank this crew. They’re so good. They stuck behind me. What more can I say? It’s been frustrating at times. Since we crashed the car pretty bad, we’ve been knocking out demons. When you really hit the wall that hard, a lot of little things happen. We’re getting ‘em worked out.”
  In the division standings, Danny Edwards Jr. maintained his 10-point lead over Greg Edwards — 387-377. Queen is third, 22 points out of the lead.
  The Late Models will return to action at Langley on Saturday, Sept. 19, in their season finale — the Subway 125. Edwards Jr. can clinch the 2015 title with a top-10 outing.

  In the evening’s other feature events:

  In the 25-lap B&C Seafood Super Truck race, Richard Ellis used the ol’ bump-and-run in the final corner to notch his first win of the year.
  Bill Wallace was the fast qualifier for the event, at 73.862 mph. An inversion of the top four bumped him to the outside of Row 2, however, and gave the pole to Ellis. Jacob Carr lined up alongside Ellis, on the front row, while Chase McAdams, Wallace and Trevor Battoia rounded out the top five.
  On the start, Ellis jumped out front, bringing McAdams and Battoia along with him. Brad Adams moved up to fourth, while Carr slipped to fifth. On lap 2, Wallace overtook Carr for fifth.
  The first caution flag appeared on lap 4 when Battoia sent McAdams for a loop in Turn 2. The incident earned both drivers a trip to the back of the pack as Adams advanced to second. Fourth-place Carr was the only driver to pick the outside lane for the restart.
  Back under green, Ellis cleared Carr in Turn 1, while Adams scooted past off Turn 2. Adams closed quickly on Ellis and snagged the lead on lap 5. Soon, Adams and Ellis were joined by Wallace and Carr as the foursome circled the track in nose-to-tailgate formation.
  The second caution waved on lap 15 when Carr spun in Turn 4. For the restart, McAdams and Battoia picked the outside lane.
  As the race resumed, Adams cleared McAdams in Turn 1, while Ellis moved past off Turn 4. The brief tussle allowed Adams to pull away by a little more than two lengths. Behind Adams and Ellis, McAdams, Wallace and Battoia battled for third.
  On lap 19, Wallace ducked underneath McAdams in Turn 1 and the two tangled. Seeing an opportunity, Battoia went to the outside of Wallace, but was rebuffed as all three drivers held their spots.
  By lap 20, Ellis had closed to within a truck-length of Adams and was hounding him for the lead. Meanwhile, Carr bypassed Battoia for fifth.
  Looking to rattle the leader’s cage, Ellis made contact with Adams in Turn 4 on lap 24 and again in Turn 2 on the white-flag circuit, but Adams didn’t budge.
  It was a different story as they navigated Turn 4 for the last time, though, as Ellis turned Adams nearly sideways in the corner. With Adams chasing his truck up the track, Ellis slipped to the inside and roared on to the checkers, winning by 0.695-second. Adams was second to the line, followed by McAdams, Wallace and Carr.

  Not to be outdone by the Super Trucks, the Carroll’s Automotive UCARs cooked up their own thriller of an ending in their 25-lap contest with Jesse Jones IV picking up his fifth win of the season.
  Tim Wilson started on the pole, at 73.420 mph, and took the lead on lap 1, pulling ahead of outside pole starter Kevin Morgan in Turn 4. Jones tagged along with Wilson and took over second, followed by Mike Perkins and Eric Schaffer, while Morgan dropped to fifth.
  For the first 15 laps or so, Jones was content to follow in Wilson’s tire tracks, never falling more than a couple car-lengths behind. As the laps began to dwindle, though, he began to try to force the issue, looking high and low, but to no avail.
  On lap 24, the leaders ran up behind Michelle Willingham in Turn 2. She bobbled slightly and Wilson paused for just a second as she gathered up her machine, then drove to the inside. At the same time, Jones shot to the outside of Willingham, making it three-wide on the backstretch. As Wilson and Jones cleared Willingham, they emerged door-to-door.
  Wilson held a slim edge at the white flag, but Jones generated a tremendous run off the final corner and won by 0.147-second — a single car-length. Wilson was second, while Perkins, Schaffer and Morgan completed the top five.

  In a 15-lapper for the Cycle City Corp. INEX Bandoleros, nine-year-old Jacob Putman started on the pole, at 65.358 mph, and steamrolled the field for his first victory.
  The race got off to an inauspicious start as Row 2 occupants Colby Flowers and Autumn Weaver tangled in Turn 4 on the opening circuit, sending Flowers on a hard ride into the outside wall. Following a red-flag delay for cleanup and to assist Flowers, the field re-formed for another green flag.
  Finally under way, Putman motored ahead of outside pole-sitter Brad Kilby off Turn 2 to take the lead on lap 1. Cole Bruce tagged along with Putman, taking over second, while Kilby slipped to third.
  By lap 3, Putman’s advantage had already grown to six car-lengths and it only continued to swell.
  At the finish, Putman’s margin of victory stood at a whopping 5.300 seconds — a full straightaway — over Bruce. Kilby was third to the stripe, while Zach Lightfoot and Conner Jones rounded out the top five.
  After the race, officials held up the official results, pending further investigation of a technical issue that arose during post-race inspections.

  Scotty Buchanan posted his second victory of the season in the evening’s final race, a 30-lap joust for the Bojangles’ Enduros.
  Jay Millirons drew the pole for the event, but gave way to Don Masingo on the start. Meanwhile, Buchanan, who started 14th, rolled all the way up to third on the opening circuit.
  On lap 2, Buchanan moved into second, then went after Masingo for the lead, nosing out front at the flagstand. Just two laps later, Buchanan owned a half-straightaway-plus advantage over Randy Constable, who had advanced to the runner-up spot.
  With Richard Quinn in tow, Constable was able to make up a bit of ground as the leader dealt with slower traffic. Once Buchanan broke into the clear, though, it was obvious that he wouldn’t be headed.
  The last of two red-flag stoppages came on lap 25. Back under green for the dash to the checkers, Quinn pulled alongside Constable, completing the pass for second on lap 26.
  At the finish, Buchanan was the runaway winner, crossing the stripe 3.836 seconds ahead of Quinn. Constable was third, followed by Shane Loving and Tyler Baker.
                                • • •
  MEDIA CONTACT:        Gary Daughtrey
                        Home: (757) 657-6741
                        Track: (757) 865-7223
                        E-mail: daughtrey@langley-speedway.com

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Saftey-Kleen/Surf Rider Restaurants Night
Race Results
Saturday, August 29, 2015

  Race #1:
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 65
2.  (97) Greg Edwards; 65
3.  (55) Mark Wertz; 65
4.  (92) Casey Wyatt; 65
5.  (03) Brenden Queen; 65
6.  (8)  Tyler Hughes; 65
7.  (77) Connor Hall; 65
8.  (12) Dean Shiflett; 65
9.  (33) Macy Causey; 65
10. (38) Cody Carlton; 65
11. (77x)Bruce Livingston; 65
12. (5)  Clayton Parrish; 51
13. (19) Cameron Bowen; 49
14. (67) J.T. Jackson; 36
15. (25) Craig Eastep; 19
16. (03x)Landon Abbott; 1
Pole: Edwards Jr. - 89.114 mph.

  Race #2:
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (97) Greg Edwards; 65
2.  (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 65
3.  (77) Connor Hall; 65
4.  (8)  Tyler Hughes; 65
5.  (03) Brenden Queen; 65
6.  (12) Dean Shiflett; 65
7.  (33) Macy Causey; 65
8.  (92) Casey Wyatt; 65
9.  (77x)Bruce Livingston; 64
10. (55) Mark Wertz; 44
11. (38) Cody Carlton; 40
12. (67) J.T. Jackson; 26
13. (5)  Clayton Parrish; 18
14. (03x)Landon Abbott; 3
Pole: Edwards Jr. - via Race #1 finish.

Fin. Pos. (Trk #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (41) Richard Ellis; 25
2.  (3)  Brad Adams; 25
3.  (62) Chase McAdams; 25
4.  (19) Bill Wallace; 25
5.  (88) Jacob Carr; 25
6.  (26) Trevor Battoia; 25
7.  (22) Dan McAdams; 23
Pole: Ellis - top 4 qualifiers inverted.
Fast Qualifier: Wallace - 73.862 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (5)  Jesse Jones IV; 25
2.  (71) Tim Wilson; 25
3.  (57) Mike Perkins; 25
4.  (3)  Eric Schaffer; 25
5.  (11) Kevin Morgan; 25
6.  (14) Dusty Connor; 25
7.  (7)  Ashten Mullett; 25
8.  (28) Tommy Gildea; 25
9.  (51) Derek Roberts; 25
10. (5R) Michelle Willingham; 24
Pole: Wilson - 73.420 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (3)  Jacob Putman; 15
2.  (31) Cole Bruce; 15
3.  (5)  Brad Kilby; 15
4.  (7)  Zach Lightfoot; 15
5.  (14) Conner Jones; 15
6.  (51) Brad Wilson; 15
7.  (37) Makenzie Leisure; 15
8.  (18) Autumn Weaver; 14
9.  (48) Wesley Newell; 13
10. (33) Colby Flowers; 0
11. (24) Elysia Potter; 0
Pole: Putman - 65.358 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (73) Scotty Buchanan; 30
2.  (31) Richard Quinn; 30
3.  (49) Randy Constable; 30
4.  (23) Shane Loving; 30
5.  (27) Tyler Baker; 30
6.  (91) Don Masingo; 29
7.  (38) Rodney Davis; 29
8.  (22) Bill Eaker; 29
9.  (4)  Wendell White; 29
10. (28) Ray Haynes; 29
11. (13) Larry Drommerhausen; 28
12. (3)  Austin Davis; 27
13. (12) Doug Patrick; 27
14. (80) Ronald Klein; 26
15. (33) Michael Kanary; 26
16. (34) Bubba Firman; 26
17. (5)  Keith Wheeler; 22
18. (98) Justin Fansler; 21
19. (21) Curtis Harrell; 20
20. (11) Jay Millirons; 6
21. (54) Ralph Stevens; 5
Pole: Millirons - via draw.

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