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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
NAPA Know How Night Race Report Saturday, August 8, 2015
Aug 10, 2015 - updated Aug 10th, 2015 9:35pm
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton, Va --

HAMPTON, Va. (Aug. 8) — Robbie Babb notched his fourth straight victory, and fifth overall, dominating the NAPA Know How 50 for the Larry King Law Modifieds, the featured event of Saturday evening’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.
  Babb bagged the pole position for the race in afternoon qualifying, circling the .395-mile layout at 86.999 mph. Shawn Balluzzo was second-fastest and shared the front row with Babb. Jimmy Humblet, Mark Slye and Evan Horne were third, fourth and fifth, respectively, on the 18-car grid.
  As the field prepared for the initial green flag, Balluzzo suddenly pulled to the infield grass along the backstretch. He was towed to the pits with mechanical problems and his crew quickly went to work.
  On the start, Babb leaped ahead of Slye, Balluzzo’s front-row replacement, to grab the early lead. Humblet moved up to second, while Slye settled back into third.
  As the leaders began their second circuit, trouble broke out in Turns 3 and 4 with Wayne Hartley and Jon Largena executing tandem spins. Largena collected Jack Sharkey, who got the worst of the exchange, tagging the outside wall in Turn 4.
  During the ensuing caution period, second-place Humblet turned into the pits for service. He returned for the restart, but at the back of the pack. Meanwhile, Slye assumed the runner-up spot. Danny Harrell, Bobby Gery and Donnie Holston chose the outside lane as the field motored toward the green flag.
  Back under way, Babb bolted ahead of Harrell and led the charge into Turn 1. In the middle of Turns 1 and 2, Holston bobbled a bit and caused a momentary logjam, allowing the front six drivers — Babb, Slye, Horne, Gery, Harrell and Andrew Fortin — to get away.
  By lap 5, Babb had stretched his lead to almost half a straightaway. For a few laps, it appeared that Slye might be gaining ground as slower cars loomed ahead of the leader. Navigating through traffic for the first time, though, Babb was able to double his advantage. At the halfway mark, he was up by a full straightaway.
  Babb’s big lead was erased on lap 32 when Largena spun on the backstretch to bring out the second caution flag. For the restart, Gery and Humblet chose the outside lane.
  As the race resumed, Babb pulled away, leaving Gery and Slye to battle for second. Reaching Turn 1, Gery slid up the track and provided an opening for Humblet, who made it three-wide, passing both Gery and Slye. In Turn 2, though, Slye looped his machine and the third yellow flag went in the air. The incident also began to raise suspicions that someone might be dropping fluid.
  Gery and Humblet again picked the outside lane on the ensuing restart and Gery gave Babb a tussle, remaining on his outside flank until they exited Turn 2. Babb gained the upper hand on the backstretch, clearing the way for Horne and Humblet, while Gery dropped to fourth.
  Humblet took a run at Horne for the second spot in Turns 3 and 4 on lap 33. The two made contact and Horne began to skitter sideways. Showing good sportsmanship, Humblet backed off and allowed his younger counterpart to gather his machine.
  The notion of fluid on the track grew stronger on lap 35 when a large contingent of cars all went sliding sideways into Turn 1. Humblet, Gery and Harrell ended up spinning to bring out the fourth caution flag. As cars made their way to the pits, it was reported that many of them were coated with rear-end grease. Attention began to focus on second-place Horne as the likely culprit, though he remained on the track.
  Gathering for a restart, Hartley, who had rallied back to third place, Slye and Largena opted for the outside lane.
  Back under green, Babb cleared Hartley through Turns 1 and 2. At the other end of the track, Slye clipped Hartley and the two locked horns, taking a hard ride into the outside wall off Turn 4. The event was red-flagged as safety and clean-up crews rushed to the scene.
  When the red flag was withdrawn and the field began to circulate again, Horne was black-flagged to the pits. He ended up parking his machine for the night, retiring to a 13th-place finish.
  Preparing for what would turn out to be the final restart, Babb held a firm grip on the lead. Fortin, celebrating his 15th birthday, was the new second-place runner, followed by Holston. Humblet and Largena were fourth and fifth, but broke ranks and pulled to the outside lane, joined by Gery.
  Under green for the last time, Babb shot ahead of Humblet at the flagstand. Humblet slid into second and quickly closed in on the leader’s rear bumper. Babb wasn’t rattled, however, and he began to widen the margin.
  By the finish, Babb’s margin of victory had grown to a whopping 3.936 seconds over Humblet. Fortin was third to the line, while Largena and Gery completed the top five.
  Harrell headed up the second five, in sixth. Holston and Darrell Vance were seventh and eighth, the final drivers on the lead lap. Eric McPherson and Tony Steele rounded out the top 10
  In Victory Lane after the grueling contest, Babb joked, “I’m tellin’ ya’, I’m too old for this.”
  Asked about his current hot streak, Babb noted that he’s still keeping a wary eye on his competition: “We just lucked on something. These guys are on me. The 60’s probably gonna be the next one — Bobby Gery. They’re starting to get their stuff together. He’s running better and better every week. I’m sorry Shawn had his luck or whatever. Now, we’ve got a race.”
  Later in the evening, Balluzzo, who was shown in 12th, two laps down, raised a question about his placement in the rundown. Officials decided to hold up the final results until they can study the situation further.
  If everything remains as it is, Balluzzo’s points lead will shrink to just two over Babb, 205-203. Largena would be third, only six out of the lead.

  In the evening’s other feature events:

  Fast qualifier Landon Florian overcame a four-car inversion and posted his fourth victory of the season in the 30-lap KeesVacations.com Pro Six race.
  Florian set the pace in time trials, at 83.051 mph, but ended up on the outside of Row 2 as the 11-car field bunched for the start. Ben Zoellner was the pole-sitter, flanked by Bobby Hall. Travis Wall shared the second row with Florian, while Dashe McLaughlin lined up fifth.
  As the race got under way, Hall won the drag race to Turn 1 and snagged the lead. Florian was hot on his heels and moved into second, followed by Wall. J.B. Sipe scooted past Zoellner for fourth on lap 2 and Cody Carlton made his first appearance in the top five on lap 3.
  The first caution flag waved on lap 5 when Angela-Marie Steele spun into the backstretch wall off Turn 2. For the restart, fourth-place Sipe, eighth-place Justin Fuller and ninth-place Debbie Biesecker headed for the high groove.
  The second caution flag was quickly unfurled, just after the restart, when debris was spotted in Turn 1. For the next restart, Sipe was the only driver to pick the outside lane.
  Back under way, Hall dispensed with Sipe and fashioned a two-length edge over Florian. Within a couple of laps, however, Florian had erased that gap and was filling the leader’s mirror.
  The last of the race’s three caution flags appeared on lap 9 when Biesecker and Steele tangled in Turns 3 and 4. Lining up for another restart, fourth-place Carlton and sixth-place Fuller chose the outside lane.
  As the race resumed, Hall cleared Carlton out of Turn 2, while Florian slipped past in Turn 4, leaving the door open for Wall. Over the next two laps, Carlton fought off Wall to retain control of third.
  At the front, Florian had Hall in his sights and he pulled the trigger as they exited Turn 4 on lap 14, poking a fender underneath the leader. He drew even on the frontstretch and moved into the top spot in Turn 2 on lap 15. Meanwhile, Carlton fell off the pace for a moment on lap 16 and slid back in the running order.
  By lap 22, Florian had extended his lead to four lengths over Hall, who was beginning to slip into Wall’s clutches. Behind them, fourth-place Fuller was closing in.
  On lap 27, Wall ducked underneath Hall on the backstretch, grabbing second on the following circuit. Fuller tried to tag along with Wall, but was rebuffed by Hall, who clung to third.
  At the finish, Florian was the winner by 2.851 seconds — nearly a full straightaway — over Wall. Hall was third, followed by Fuller and Carlton.

  In the 25-lap B&C Seafood Super Truck feature, Chase McAdams assumed the lead on lap 16 and led the rest of the way for his third win of the year.
  Tommy Nixon was the pole-sitter, at 74.240 mph, and pulled ahead of McAdams off Turn 2 on lap 1 to take the early lead. Trevor Battoia followed Nixon’s cue and moved up to second, dropping McAdams to third.
  On lap 7, McAdams slipped underneath Battioa in a bid for second. He snagged the position in Turn 3 on lap 8 and quickly closed in on Nixon.
  Nixon and McAdams jousted for the lead until lap 16 when they tangled in Turn 4 and Nixon’s truck went around. McAdams was allowed to move into the top spot for the restart, while Nixon retreated to the rear of the field.
  Back under green, McAdams got the jump on Richard Ellis, who had restarted alongside him. The green-flag stint came to an end on lap 19, though, when Dan McAdams stopped in a precarious position, at the end of the pit lane in Turn 4.
  Preparing for what would be the last restart, Ellis again picked the top side, joined by Nixon.
  As the race resumed, McAdams bolted ahead of Ellis, while Nixon skated up Turns 1 and 2 and dropped to fifth.
  Over the remaining circuits, McAdams held Ellis at bay and won by 0.482-second — about two truck-lengths. Battoia was third, followed by Nixon. Brad Adams was fifth at the checkers, but failed to clear the post-race technical inspection. His ouster elevated Jacob Carr to fifth in the official rundown.

  Michael Waters picked up his first two wins of the season with a pair of pole-to-checkers runs in the Twin 20s for the Carroll’s Automotive UCARs.
  The starting order for the first race was determined in time trials and Waters nabbed the pole, at 73.564 mph. Jesse Jones IV, Mike Perkins, Tim Wilson and Eric Schaffer completed the top five on the 15-car grid.
  As the race got going, Waters surged ahead of Jones off Turn 2 to take the lead on the first lap. Wilson moved into third, while Perkins and Kevin Morgan emerged in fourth and fifth, in that order.
  The first caution flag was displayed on lap 2 when Evan Horne, wheeling Jones’ backup car, spun and smacked the Turn 3 wall. For the restart, Wilson and Morgan picked the outside lane, joined by Richard Ellis and Langley newcomer Michelle Willingham.
  Back under green, Waters cleared Wilson through Turns 1 and 2, leaving him to tussle with Jones for second. The two made contact in Turn 3 and Wilson was bunted up the track, giving way to Jones, Morgan and Schaffer. The exchange allowed Waters to pad his lead to six lengths.
  With Waters easing away from the pack, a second-place duel took shape between Morgan and Jones. Between laps 8 and 12, they traded the position four times. Jones gained the clear-cut edge on lap 13 and brought Perkins along with him, to third. On lap 14, Morgan regained third from Perkins.
  While Jones, Morgan and Perkins mixed it up, Wilson and Schaffer steadily closed in. On lap 15, Perkins drifted wide in Turn 4 and Wilson capitalized, taking over fourth and bringing Schaffer with him.
  Waters’ leisurely stroll to Victory Lane was interrupted on what should have been the final lap when Ashten Mullett spun in Turn 2. The incident set up a “green-white-checkered” finish and pushed the event into overtime.
  On the final restart, Waters battled side-by-side with Morgan for three-quarters of a lap before retaining control of the top spot.Free of Morgan, he eased away and rolled to the finish at the end of lap 21.
  Morgan was second to the line. Later, however, he would fail to pass the post-race inspection. His disqualification moved Jones up to second in the official rundown, followed by Wilson, Schaffer and Perkins.
  The lineup for the second race mirrored the finishing order of the first, putting Waters back on the pole. Morgan was the outside pole starter, followed by Jones, Wilson and Schaffer.
  The nightcap got off to an inauspicious start as Mullett, James Gaita and Tommy Gildea crashed in Turn 2 on the opening lap, chasing all three to the sidelines. It would be the race’s only yellow flag.
  On the second try at a start, Waters nosed ahead of Morgan to lead lap 1, clearing him in Turn 2 on the second circuit. Perkins moved up to fourth on lap 3 with a three-wide pass of Jones and Schaffer.
  Morgan remained within striking distance until lap 5 when Waters opened a two-length margin off Turn 4. Meanwhile, third-place Wilson enjoyed a front-row seat, waiting for his opportunity to join the lead scuffle.
  Wilson slipped by Morgan on lap 7 to grab second. The shuffle allowed Waters to extend his advantage to almost half a straightaway. Two laps later, Morgan’s bobble in Turn 4 let Wilson establish some breathing room, while Perkins closed in from behind.
  Working lap 13, Wilson had closed to within four lengths of the leader. Waters blunted the advance, though, and pulled away over the closing circuits to win by 1.364 seconds — almost half a straightaway. Wilson was second, while Morgan came home in third. As noted above, though, Morgan couldn’t slip past the inspectors. Perkins, Jones and Schaffer were third, fourth and fifth, respectively, in the official finishing order.

  In a 20-lapper for the Rhonnda Claiborne, Realtor HRKC Pro Winged Champ Karts, Cullen Roberts took the lead off the final corner and held on for his first win of the year.
  Matthew Leach started on the pole, at 61.751 mph. After two tries at a start went awry, he motored into the lead, boosted by drafting help from Tillman Heuer, David Millard, John Savage and Vaughan Crittenden.
  One by one, drivers lost contact with the lead draft. By lap 13, the “pack” had been whittled down to just Leach and Heuer. Meanwhile, Cody Carlton was at the head of a three-kart train, which included Roberts and Charlie-Ray Lorah, and they were steaming toward the front.
  The Carlton-led trio caught up to Leach and Heuer in Turn 1 on lap 19. In Turns 3 and 4, Carlton took the lead, bringing Roberts along with him, as the white flag flew.
  Roberts remained squarely behind Carlton until they reached Turn 4 for the last time. Heading for the homestretch, with the checkers awaiting, Roberts slipped inside Carlton, setting the stage for a drag race to the line.
  At the finish, Roberts was the winner by half a kart-length — 40-thousandths of a second, to be precise. Carlton was second, while Leach, Heuer and Lorah completed the top five.

  In the evening’s final race, a 30-lapper for the Bojangles’ Enduros, Derrick Boggess drew the pole and parlayed that advantage into a convincing victory. It was his second win of the year.
  While Boggess’ cruise to the win was impressive, last week’s winner, Scotty Buchanan was the big mover in the early going. He started 15th on the 23-car grid and took over second on lap 6. By then, however, Boggess had fashioned a full-straightaway lead.
  Buchanan sliced Boggess’ lead in half on lap 18 when the leader tangled with Doug Patrick in Turn 1. Soon, though, the margin began to grow again and it became apparent that only a terminal problem would derail Boggess’ charge to Victory Lane.
  By the end, Boggess’ lead had swelled to 10.629 seconds — nearly half a lap — over Buchanan. Richard Quinn, who started 22nd, was third, while Randy Constable nipped Shane Loving by half a car-length for fourth.
                                • • •
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NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
NAPA Know How Night
Race Results
Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (44) Robbie Babb; 50
2.  (11) Jimmy Humblet; 50
3.  (5)  Andrew Fortin; 50
4.  (4)  Jon Largena; 50
5.  (60) Bobby Gery; 50
6.  (95) Danny Harrell; 50
7.  (1)  Donnie Holston; 50
8.  (87) Darrell Vance; 50
9.  (16) Eric McPherson; 49
10. (51) Tony Steele; 49
11. (70) Curtis Hughes; 49
12. (48) Shawn Balluzzo; 48
13. (6)  Evan Horne; 35
14. (37) Wayne Hartley; 34
15. (33) Mark Slye; 34
16. (20) Chris Humblet; 27
17. (12) Mark Gomez; 3
18. (88) Jack Sharkey; 0
Pole: Babb - 86.999 mph.
(Results unofficial pending further review.)

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (98) Landon Florian; 30
2.  (44) Travis Wall; 30
3.  (26) Bobby Hall; 30
4.  (03) Justin Fuller; 30
5.  (94) Cody Carlton; 30
6.  (14) J.B. Sipe; 30
7.  (10) Maddy Mulligan; 30
8.  (21) Dashe McLaughlin; 30
9.  (4)  Debbie Biesecker; 28
10. (57) Ben Zoellner; 24
11. (47) Angela-Marie Steele; 6
Pole: Zoellner - Top 4 qualifiers inverted.
Fast Qualifier: Florian - 83.051 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Trk #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (62) Chase McAdams; 25
2.  (41) Richard Ellis; 25
3.  (26) Trevor Battoia; 25
4.  (8)  Tommy Nixon; 25
5.  (88) Jacob Carr; 25
6.  (19) Bill Wallace; 25
7.  (9)  Rick Poust; 25
8.  (22) Dan McAdams; 15
DQ  (3)  Brad Adams; 25
Pole: Nixon - 74.240 mph.

  Race #1 (21 laps*):
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (36) Michael Waters; 21
2.  (5)  Jesse Jones IV; 21
3.  (71) Tim Wilson; 21
4.  (3)  Eric Schaffer; 21
5.  (57) Mike Perkins; 21
6.  (14) Dusty Connor; 21
7.  (41) Richard Ellis; 21
8.  (5R) Michelle Willingham; 21
9.  (7)  Ashten Mullett; 21
10. (23) James Gaita; 21
11. (28) Tommy Gildea; 20
12. (77) Brian Mullett; 18
13. (15) Evan Horne; 0
14. (8)  Dean Ballew; 0
DQ  (11) Kevin Morgan; 21
Pole: Waters - 73.564 mph.
* Due to a late caution flag, the race
was extended from 20 to 21 laps.

  Race #2:
Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (36) Michael Waters; 20
2.  (71) Tim Wilson; 20
3.  (57) Mike Perkins; 20
4.  (5)  Jesse Jones IV; 20
5.  (3)  Eric Schaffer; 20
6.  (14) Dusty Connor; 20
7.  (41) Richard Ellis; 20
8.  (5R) Michelle Willingham; 20
9.  (51) Derek Roberts; 16
10. (7)  Ashten Mullett; 0
11. (28) Tommy Gildea; 0
12. (23) James Gaita; 0
DQ  (11) Kevin Morgan; 20
Pole: Waters - via Race #1 finish.

Fin. Pos. (Krt #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (27) Cullen Roberts; 20
2.  (94) Cody Carlton; 20
3.  (51) Matthew Leach; 20
4.  (14) Tillman Heuer; 20
5.  (59) Charlie-Ray Lorah; 20
6.  (16) David Millard; 20
7.  (45) Aaron Leach; 20
8.  (73) Harry Leach; 20
9.  (10) Danny Millard; 20
10. (24) Vaughan Crittenden; 20
11. (63) John Savage; 20
12. (01) Jesse Call; 20
13. (39) Mattisen Morrill; 19
14. (26) Robert Pellek; 19
15. (28) Gary Osbourne; 19
16. (71) Shawn Gervais; 19
17. (25) Cody Espinoza; 19
18. (23) Bradley Gawer; 19
19. (52) Chris Bechtel; 19
20. (69) Brandon Lorah; 13
21. (47) Matt Dail; 1
Pole: M. Leach - 61.751 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1.  (18) Derrick Boggess; 30
2.  (73) Scotty Buchanan; 30
3.  (31) Richard Quinn; 30
4.  (49) Randy Constable; 30
5.  (23) Shane Loving; 30
6.  (05) Tillman Heuer; 29
7.  (27) Tyler Baker; 29
8.  (80) Ronald Klein; 29
9.  (91) Don Masingo; 29
10. (4)  Wendell White; 28
11. (13) Larry Drommerhausen; 28
12. (3)  Austin Davis; 27
13. (11) Jay Milliarons; 25
14. (38) Rodney Davis; 24
15. (33) Michael Kanary; 22
16. (28) Ray Haynes; 20
17. (12) Doug Patrick; 20
18. (32) Keith Wheeler; 19
19. (02) Michael Joyner; 17
20. (98) Justin Fansler; 5
21. (19) Daniel Balduf; 4
22. (44) Dustin Cisco; 0
23. (54) Ralph Stevens; 0
Pole: Boggess - via draw.

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