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Langley Speedway

Langley Speedway News
Wes Falk claims victory in Late Model opener...
Apr 8, 2012 - updated Apr 8th, 2012 11:59am
Web posted by Gary Daughtrey

Hampton Va. --

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Pomoco Auto Group Night (2012 Season Opener)
Race Report Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stealing a bit of his older brother's thunder, Wes Falk assumed the lead in the closing laps and rolled to victory in the Pomoco Auto Group 100 for the EZ Auto in Newport News Late Model Stock Cars, the featured event of Saturday evening's season-opening NASCAR Whelen All-American Series program at Langley Speedway.
Greg Edwards claimed the pole position for the event, qualifying at 89.417 mph. Nick Smith lined up on the outside of Edwards on the front row. Mark Wertz and Brandon Gdovic occupied Row 2, while Danny Edwards Jr. and Shayne Lockhart made up Row 3. C.E. Falk, Wes's brother, who carried over a nine-race Langley winning streak from last season, was seventh on the grid. Wes Falk launched from the ninth spot.
As the race got under way, Greg Edwards bolted into the lead, pulling ahead of Smith, who quickly found Wertz to his inside. Smith fended him off to take the runner-up spot. By then, however, Edwards had already opened a six-length advantage.
The first caution flag waved on lap 9 when Gdovic and Casey Wyatt tangled in Turn 4. Gathering for a restart, Smith opted for the outside lane. He was joined up top by Danny Edwards Jr., Gdovic and Wyatt.
Back under green, Greg Edwards cleared Smith, while C.E. Falk slipped past Danny Edwards Jr. to take over fourth. Falk wasn't finished, though, as he went after Wertz on the following circuit and came away with the third spot.
At the head of the field, Greg Edwards was on cruise control. By lap 16, his lead had grown to nearly half a straightaway over Smith. Over the next 20 laps, Smith was able to narrow the gap a bit. The gain was only temporary, though, as Edwards emerged from lapped traffic on lap 46 with his lead intact.
The second caution flag flew on lap 48 when rookie contender Jeremy Grogg lost an engine in Turns 1 and 2. As the field prepared for the restart, C.E. Falk pulled to the outside lane, followed by Danny Edwards Jr., seventh-place Wes Falk and Wyatt.
As the race resumed, Edwards powered ahead of Falk, who slid into second, then gradually began to ease away. By lap 60, he was up by six lengths and threatening to run off and hide. He was thwarted, however, when J.T. Jackson spun in Turn 3 on lap 62 to bring out the third yellow flag.
On the ensuing restart, Greg Edwards made his way ahead of Smith, who was positioned on his outside flank. In Turns 1 and 2, though, C.E. Falk, who had been following in Edwards tire tracks, came to life and pulled to the inside of the leader. Edwards maintained the top spot as they returned to the flagstand to complete lap 62, but, on the next circuit, Falk edged out front for the first time.
Clearing Greg Edwards, C.E. Falk was only able to manufacture a slim lead as Edwards remained parked in his mirror. The two dueled nose-to-tail until lap 82 when Edwards retook the point on the backstretch and began to drive away.
The complexion of the event took a drastic turn on lap 89 as a flurry of three caution flags jumbled the running order and catapulted Wes Falk into the lead.
The first of the yellows appeared when Duane Shreeves spun in Turn 2. On the restart, C.E. Falk tried to regain the lead from Greg Edwards. Instead, they locked horns in Turn 4 and Edwards spun, earning both drivers a trip to the tail of the lineup and handing the lead to Wes Falk. The third caution was displayed when Terry Carroll spun in Turn 3.
Lining up for another restart, Wes Falk was out front, followed by Danny Edwards Jr., Wertz and Wyatt. Fifth-place Lockhart opted for the high side, joined by Gdovic, Smith, C.E. Falk and Carroll.
Back under green, Wes Falk cleared Lockhart as they rolled into Turn 1. Caught on the outside, Lockhart tumbled down the running order.
The last of the race's seven caution flags came out on lap 93 when Wertz's engine expired impressively at the end of the frontstretch, collecting Smith in the process.
Bunching for what would turn out to be the final restart, Wes Falk was joined up front by Gdovic. Just behind them were Danny Edwards Jr. and C.E. Falk.
As the green flag reappeared, Gdovic hung tough on the outside and trailed by only half a car-length as the leaders returned to the flagstand. Wes Falk cleared him on lap 94, though, and quickly opened a three-length margin to put an end to the drama.
At the checkers, Wes Falk was the winner by 0.572-second over Gdovic. Danny Edwards Jr. was third, followed by C.E. Falk and Wyatt. Carroll was sixth, while Shreeves and Lockhart were seventh and eighth, respectively.
After dominating much of the event, Greg Edwards ended up ninth, the final driver on the lead lap. Jackson was shown in 10th, a lap off the pace.
In Victory Lane after the race, Wes Falk commented on the circumstances that delivered the win for him: "I just saw my brother and Greg just going at it and I was like, "Just gotta wait." I knew one was gonna mess up. Just gotta wait. Just gotta wait.

In the evening's other feature events:

Troy Turnage and Robbie Davis each picked up a win as the Larry King Law Super Trucks kicked off their 2012 campaign with a pair of 20-lap races.
In the opener, Turnage moved out front on lap 5 and pulled away from the pack for a dominating victory. He gained the lead when pole-sitter Tommy Nixon and Davis tangled at the entrance to Turn 1 to bring out the only caution flag.
Though Davis and Nixon would make it back up to second and third, respectively, they couldn't make any headway against Turnage, who continued to extend his lead.
At the end of the race, Turnage was the winner by over three seconds � nearly a full straightaway. Davis and Nixon tailed Turnage to the line and kept battling after the checkers, locking horns in Turns 1 and 2. Brad Adams was fourth, while Chris Munger completed the top five.
In the nightcap, Davis took the lead from Turnage after an incident on lap 17 and showed the way to the finish.
By virtue of his win in the first event, Turnage started from the pole and led the first 16 laps with Davis in tow.
On lap 17, oil on the track in Turns 1 and 2 triggered a multi-truck melee and chased three drivers, including third-place Nixon, to the sidelines for the duration.
On the ensuing restart, Turnage and Davis made contact in Turn 2. Davis backed off and was about a truck-length off Turnage's rear bumper when the leader spun at the exit of the corner. The mishap bumped Turnage to the rear of the field and left Davis out front.
Under green for the final time, Davis darted away from his pursuers and won by nearly a second � about four lengths � over Chris Munger. T.J. Henry was third, followed by Evan VanLeeuwen and Buck Munger. After a major bobble off Turn 2 on the last restart, Turnage wound up eighth.

Starting from the pole, Bill Eaker took the lead for good on lap 4 and motored to the victory in a 25-lapper for the SavitaPets.com UCARs.
Sammy Gaita shared the front row with Eaker and nosed ahead at the end of the first three circuits. Little by little, though, Eaker inched ahead, taking the point on lap 4. The first caution appeared on the next lap and Eaker was positioned at the head of the field for the ensuing restart.
Back under green, Eaker opened a six-length gap as Gaita and Michael Joyner battled for second. Gaita eventually took the spot, while Joyner dropped to fourth, behind Jon Largena.
The only other yellow flag waved on lap 9 when Jesse Jones spun in Turn 4, collecting Richard Ellis.
On the restart, Joyner, once again, opted for the outside lane. This time, he put up a real tussle, staying alongside Eaker until lap 11. Gaita moved past Joyner for second on lap 12, but faced an uphill climb as Eaker had pulled away by four lengths.
On lap 19, Eaker ran up on a slower car in Turns 3 and 4. As he was carefully navigating his way past, Gaita chopped into his advantage, closing to within a car-length. Once free of the traffic, though, Eaker widened the gap.
At the finish, Eaker was the winner by four lengths over Gaita. Joyner was third, followed by Eric Schaffer and Ronnie Vance.

Bobby Hall posted the win in the 30-lap Standard Welding Pro Six feature. He took the lead on a restart, just past the halfway mark, and rolled to the victory.
Steve Williams was the pole-sitter for the event and set the pace for the first 16 laps. Meanwhile, Anthony Perez held down the runner-up spot, a couple car-lengths behind.
The first caution flag appeared on lap 12 when Nelson Moody tried to wrest second from Perez, but ended up spinning in the middle of Turns 1 and 2.
On the restart, Hall gave up the third spot to launch alongside Williams. The move didn't pay off, though, as Williams and Perez quickly dispensed with him, sending him back to third.
On lap 17, Moody was on the move again, bypassing Hall for the third spot on the backstretch. He spun in Turn 4, however, bringing out the second caution flag and earning himself a trip to the back of the pack.
Bunching for the green flag, Hall again chose the outside lane. This time, the gamble paid dividends as he nosed ahead of Williams to take the lead for the first time. He cleared Williams off Turn 2 on lap 18 and set sail, eventually extending his winning margin to five lengths.
Perez was second, swiping the spot from Williams on lap 27. Williams was third, followed by Moody. Landon Florian, the 2011 UCAR champ, was fifth in his Pro Six debut.

Third to the checkered flag, Charlie-Ray Lorah was awarded the win in the season opener for the Rhonnda Claiborne, Realtor HRKC Pro Winged Champ Karts when the first- and second-place finishers, David Millard and Mark Brooks, failed to clear the post-race inspection. In addition to Millard and Brooks, Bill Dailey and Clifton Savage also ran afoul of the inspectors.
In the amended rundown, Lorah was credited with the win, followed by Matthew Dail. Shawn Gervais was third, while Josh Ayer and Sparky West completed the top five.

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
at Langley Speedway - Hampton, VA
Pomoco Auto Group Night (2012 Season Opener)
Race Results
Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (41) Wes Falk; 100
2. (46) Brandon Gdovic; 100
3. (26) Danny Edwards Jr.; 100
4. (40) C.E. Falk; 100
5. (29) Casey Wyatt; 100
6. (90) Terry Carroll; 100
7. (38) Duane Shreeves; 100
8. (95) Shayne Lockhart; 100
9. (97) Greg Edwards; 100
10. (67) J.T. Jackson; 99
11. (10) Jeff Shiflett; 99
12. (18) Nick Smith; 97
13. (55) Mark Wertz; 92
14. (83) Jeremy Grogg; 44
15. (21) Robbie Babb; 4
16. (40x)Sam Hunt; 1
Pole: G. Edwards - 89.417 mph.

Race #1:
Fin. Pos. (Trk #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (90) Troy Turnage; 20
2. (17) Robbie Davis; 20
3. (8) Tommy Nixon; 20
4. (04) Brad Adams; 20
5. (2) Chris Munger; 20
6. (19) Bill Wallace; 20
7. (52) Chris Bechtel; 20
8. (57) T.J. Henry; 20
9. (18) Cory Millard; 20
10. (88) Jacob Carr; 20
11. (42) Jason North; 19
12. (26) Chase McAdams; 19
13. (22) Dan McAdams; 9
14. (99) Evan VanLeeuwen; 6
15. (20) Buck Munger; 4
16. (90a)Justin Carroll; 0
Pole: Nixon - 74.610 mph.

Race #2:
Fin. Pos. (Trk #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (17) Robbie Davis; 20
2. (2) Chris Munger; 20
3. (57) T.J. Henry; 20
4. (99) Evan VanLeeuwen; 20
5. (20) Buck Munger; 20
6. (18) Cory Millard; 20
7. (88) Jacob Carr; 20
8. (90) Troy Turnage; 20
9. (52) Chris Bechtel; 20
10. (42) Jason North; 20
11. (8) Tommy Nixon; 16
12. (19) Bill Wallace; 16
13. (22) Dan McAdams; 15
14. (04) Brad Adams; 2
15. (26) Chase McAdams; 2
16. (90a)Justin Carroll; 2
Pole: Turnage - via Race #1 finish.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (22) Bill Eaker; 25
2. (21) Sammy Gaita; 25
3. (20) Michael Joyner; 25
4. (3) Eric Schaffer; 25
5. (32) Ronnie Vance; 25
6. (88) Jon Largena; 25
7. (11) Kevin Morgan; 25
8. (70) Landon Abbott; 25
9. (4) Richard Ellis; 25
10. (46) Jason Michaud; 25
11. (1) Denver Alvis; 25
12. (38) Rodney Davis; 25
13. (09) Nick Gundacker; 19
14. (10) John Matthews; 12
15. (5) Jesse Jones; 8
Pole: Eaker - 72.685 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Car #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (6) Bobby Hall; 30
2. (29) Anthony Perez; 30
3. (7) Steve Williams; 30
4. (46) Nelson Moody; 30
5. (98) Landon Florian; 30
6. (22) Ben Zoellner; 30
7. (77) Neil Sipe; 30
8. (57) Pat Ritchie; 29
9. (4) Debbie Biesecker; 29
10. (17) David Butler; 14
Pole: Williams - 80.081 mph.

Fin. Pos. (Krt #) Driver; Laps Compl.
1. (59) Charlie-Ray Lorah; 16
2. (88) Matthew Dail; 16
3. (71) Shawn Gervais; 16
4. (41) Josh Ayer; 16
5. (60) Sparky West; 16
6. (99) Chris O'Brien; 16
7. (8) Tommy Jackson Jr.; 16
8. (10) Daniel Millard; 16
9. (1) Ashten Mullett; 16
10. (9) Tommy Sweeney; 16
11. (40) Albert Falk; 16
12. (87) Aaron Leach; 16
13. (53) Rob Fearing; 16
14. (3) Kris Robinson; 16
15. (6) Clayton Parrish; 16
16. (66) John Savage; 16
17. (51) Matthew Leach; 14
18. (22) Bill Kirwan; 14
19. (80) Jake Harberts; 11
20. (97) Scott Hughes; 10
21. (24) Vaughan Crittenden; 0
DQ (16) David Millard; 16
DQ (42) Mark Brooks; 16
DQ (46) Bill Dailey; 16
DQ (63) Clifton Savage; 16
Pole: Harberts - 60.398 mph.

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